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Welcome to The White Isle Ibiza blog, news, views, reviews, events and Ibiza information.

This blog is for all those visiting Ibiza especially if you are a family or of the slightly older persuasion who wish to enjoy the island and not necessarily the partying, although we do mention Ibiza’s wild side from time to time and we have a full clubbing calendar here and boat party calendar here.

Please use the menu above or to the right to navigate all our articles or use the search box to find what you are looking for. We add content weekly to the site about Ibiza, so please check back often to see more or follow us on twitter @whiteisleibiza or on Facebook for update notifications.

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Our Latest Posts

An evening of making Ibiza Hierbas

An evening of making Ibiza Hierbas

Have you ever wondered what on earth the herbal tasting yellow liquid is that you are presented with after every lunch or dinner here in Ibiza? What exactly is this Hierbas stuff you’re drinking? And why is it so popular here in Ibiza?

Want to learn more about this liqueur? Then read on.

Towards the end of last summer, I was invited to attend a Hierbas workshop, at Kasbah in San Antonio. This workshop was hosted by a company called The Drinks Workshop, founded by Philip Thomas.

(read more…)

Cream Ibiza moves to HÏ IBIZA

Cream Ibiza moves to HÏ IBIZA

The March rumour mill has been awash with Cream rumours and thoughts but today it has been made official Cream Ibiza moves to HÏ Ibiza.

After 22 years at Amnesia on Thursdays and being one of the longest running nights on the island 2018 will see them move not only night but venue.

Their new home will be HÏ Ibiza in Playa Den Bossa for 11 Sundays from the 24th of June until the 22nd of September. (read more…)

Interview with Tony Truman Ibiza Business Mogul

Interview with Tony Truman

It isn’t often you get a chance to sit down and talk to those behind the scenes of some of the biggest brands on the White Isle but today we are lucky enough to be chatting to Tony Truman Ibiza Business Mogul.

Tony who recently turned 50 has far-reaching interests in Ibiza and many will have used one or several of his companies without possibly realising he has an interest in it.

From having your make up done by Kiss my Fairy or grabbing a quick drink in Linekers while watching the football or being health conscious and eating at the Skinny Kitchen Tony has built up a portfolio second to none on the White Isle. (read more…)

Ibiza is just not the same anymore….

Ibiza not the same anymore

In the many years of visiting the island and writing about it wonders this is a line I hear a lot –  Ibiza it’s just not the same anymore because of blah blah blah.

I never really got or understood this line, Ibiza is a wondrous and ever evolving island it sets trends, it is forward thinking in how it deals with music, tastes, styles, fashion even tourism to some degree. (read more…)


Ibiza News February 2018

Another exciting month of announcements from everyone’s favourite island with lots to go through, so with no delay here is the Ibiza news roundup for February 2018.

We start with some fantastic environmental news which came in two parts, the first is the Balearic islands as a whole want to ban single-use plastic items by 2020.

Items include plastic cups, plates and cutlery, straws, disposable razors, lighters and coffee machine capsules which have become a blight on the beaches and coves of the islands where it washes up from people incorrectly disposing of it. (read more…)

The Ibiza Almond Blossom by Zoe Newlove

The Ibiza Almond Blossom

The Ibiza Almond Blossom is as famous in winter as the club scene is in summer. It is at this time of year, between January and February that the precious white flowers spring into bloom.

Signifying the coming of spring with the warming weather as the days get longer and the sun higher it is one of those magical spectacles the island offers everyone.

If you are fortunate enough to be on the island in Winter, it simply is a must do experience. (read more…)

Cafe Mambo Radio

Cafe Mambo Radio

One of Ibiza’s most iconic sunset locations Cafe Mambo is now available 24 hrs a day with the launch of Cafe Mambo Radio.

Broadcast from the studios above the sunset strip venue get that Ibiza feeling wherever you are in the world thanks to the internet or via FM radio in Ibiza on 89.4FM.

Broadcasting a full 24 hour a day schedule featuring shows from the world’s best DJs and live sessions from the DJ booth. (read more…)

The Wi-ki-Woo hotel Lands in Ibiza

The Wi-Ki-Woo hotel

Possibly one of the most anticipated hotel renovations of recent times, the Wi-Ki-Woo Hotel lands in Ibiza and is now taking reservations for summer 2018.

The Wi-Ki-Woo Hotel was conceived many, many moons ago when Tony Truman, well known entrepreneur and club owner, and his lifelong friend Gordon Taylor were on the island partying at a “Tru’s Do” that Tony was hosting.

It was there that Gordon discovered the magic of the White Isle and from then on he knew he wanted to start a business on the island. (read more…)

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