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Welcome to The White Isle Ibiza blog, news, views, reviews, events and Ibiza information.

This blog is for all those visiting Ibiza especially if you are a couple, family or of the slightly older persuasion who wish to enjoy the island and not necessarily the partying, although we do mention Ibiza’s wild side from time to time and we have a full clubbing calendar here and boat party calendar here.

Please use the menu above or to the right to navigate all our articles or use the search box to find what you are looking for. We add content weekly to the site about Ibiza, so please check back often to see more or follow us on twitter @whiteisleibiza or on Facebook for update notifications.

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Our Latest Posts

Ibiza Opening Parties 2019

Ibiza Opening Parties 2019

The first major events on the island each summer are the Ibiza opening parties 2019 and February is the ideal time to start planning those early season trips to the White Isle.

Cheaper flights if you book soon, cheaper accommodation as its early in the season and also as much as the opening parties themselves are busy the island is still relatively quiet compared to the peak summer months so its a perfect time to visit.  (read more…)

Ibiza January Announcements 2019

Ibiza January Announcements

The year has hardly begun and the Ibiza January announcements 2019 have been flowing into the White Isle HQ thick and fast.

So while we all sit huddled round the fire waiting for the grey damp skies to clear it is time to get a little excited for the summer ahead and already what a summer Ibiza 2019 is shaping up to be.

Already a few changes have been announced and the rumour mill is filled with so many more but we shall wait until they are confirmed so here we go this is the officially confirmed for Ibiza 2019 so far. (read more…)

Exploring the North of Ibiza on Horseback

Exploring Ibiza on Horseback

My sister Becci and I have been visiting Ibiza for over five years now. Our reasons for coming back each year, are much the same as everyone else’s: endless sunshine, pristine beaches and of course the incredible party scene.

There are so many things to be enjoyed here, it’s hard to fit everything in. I’ve always had this niggling feeling though, that there is still more to be discovered on the island.

On my last visit I was determined to seek out these other hidden secrets. I love horses and have been riding since I was ten so It seemed only natural for me to check out the horse riding scene in Ibiza. (read more…)

Our Top Tips for Planning Ibiza 2019

Tips for Planning Ibiza 2019

As the darkest winter days have passed and the festivities are over everyone’s attention is turning towards the summer so here are our top tips for planning Ibiza 2019.

This is our rundown of how to get the most from your Ibiza trip, how to avoid the pitfalls many suffer and how to have the most amazing time.

Whether you are heading to the white isle for a romantic getaway, a mate’s trip or a longer family holiday Ibiza has something for everyone. (read more…)

Ibiza 2019 What's on When our Quick Guide

Ibiza 2019 What’s on Guide

Ibiza 2019 What’s On When is probably the most spoken phrase for many planning their summer trip to the White Isle.

So we are listing every event as its confirmed in our handy quick guide.  Already Ibiza 2019 is lining up to be one of the island’s busiest and best yet, with some major shuffles, new days, new nights and a host of returning parties that everyone wants to attend.

We shall be updating this blog on a regular basis, so add it to your favourites and be the first to know who is playing where and when this summer and make Ibiza 2019 your best yet. (read more…)

9 reasons to look forward to Ibiza 2019

Look forward to Ibiza 2019

We know its cold and wet here in the UK at the moment so to brighten those winter blues here are our 9 reasons to look forward to Ibiza 2019.

Before we start, Ibiza is known the world over for its partying and letting your hair down but the island has so much more to offer than just partying.  Read on to find out more about what Ibiza has to offer you in 2019 and beyond. (read more…)

Can Ibiza on a budget be done in 2019

Ibiza 2019 on a budget

It seems to be the hot topic of conversation that Ibiza is getting too expensive, too exclusive and too VIP.  So we ask the question can Ibiza on a budget be done in 2019?

Well the simple answer is yes we believe it’s possible.  Don’t believe the rumours or the hype – Ibiza is still as cheap as you want it to be or equally on the other hand as expensive as you want it to be.

Here are our top tips for doing Ibiza on a budget in 2019. (read more…)

What to do in Ibiza In the Winter by Tanya Taylor

Ibiza In the Winter

The winter months here on Ibiza bring with them the feeling of peaceful isolation, a dramatic contrast to the swarming summer season. Most bars and restaurants are closed, the beaches and roads are empty and the population is reduced to a tiny trickle, compared to the constant heavy flow of people traffic in summer.

It’s quiet that’s for sure, and you certainly won’t find a party calendar or many options for a night out. (read more…)

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