My 10 greatest Ibiza Memories

My 10 greatest Ibiza Memories

My Ibiza Memories

We have been visiting Ibiza for many years now, and writing about this beautiful island for the last 4 years. Ibiza holds a very special place in my heart be it the people, the places or the unique experiences it has offered not only myself but my family and friends.

So here are my 10 greatest Ibiza memories.  Everyone, of course,  will have their own memories for their own reasons but some of these may make you all reminisce about trips gone by and help you look forward to upcoming trips and maybe add a new idea or two.

1 My first visit to Ibiza

I found Ibiza much later in life than the majority of most people but that first visit will remain my all time favourite memory. To read the full story check out Ibiza Inside here but to say Ibiza stole my heart and soul is a true understatement.

The island may not have had as much of an impact on everyone but to me, it felt like home a place where I feel truly comfortable. The people of the island made us feel so welcome the views are simply stunning and what it offers us all when visiting is out of this world.

It was the first time I had ever cried at an airport, I just didn’t want to leave I felt heartbroken going through departures and vowed to be back and the rest, as they say, is history.

2 The sunset strip

Our first visit to Ibiza was filled with so many spine chilling moments and this was no exception. I had read up beforehand about the sunset strip and being of a certain age I had heard of Cafe del Mar but I wasn’t prepared in any way for it.

We walked around the promenade from San Antonio harbour, it was busy but flowing and the sun had 30 – 40 mins left above the horizon, then we turned the corner and were faced with thousands among thousands of people sitting at the bars, on the rocks, on the steps, literally everywhere.

We grabbed a place on the rocks just past Cafe del Mar/Cafe Mambo and listened to the music on the breeze watching as the sun slowly set.  The view was spectacular, the atmosphere relaxed but also electric and there was a shared love for mother nature from people of all ages. It was a truly breathtaking experience sharing our first sunset with so many others.

It is still one of my favourite places to go and every day it is a little different be it the sunset itself or the crowds that gather it has to be on everyone’s must do Ibiza list.

Sunset Strip San Antonio (Pic courtesy of Ibiza Spotlight)

Sunset Strip San Antonio where thousands gather to watch the sunset.

3 Rudimental at Ibiza Rocks

Having found Ibiza later than most we have children and when my eldest was 15 on his first trip to Ibiza with us I wanted to share some magical memories with him. At the time (sadly no more) on the evening concerts you could take teenagers in with you and while we were there Rudimental were headlining.

They were not really my thing but eldest had enough of an appreciation to go so we grabbed tickets and made our way into the courtyard, the stage looming up at one end the pool the other.

We watched Jess Glynn and the Ibiza Rocks crew warm the crowd up and then Rudimental took to the stage and before either of us knew it we were dancing away singing our heads off.

We both loved it and returned the year after but that first time will always be memorable as eldest first proper music gig and my deep appreciation for Ibiza Rocks and Rudimental began.

Our eldest at his first proper gig Rudimental at Ibiza Rocks

Our eldest at his first proper gig Rudimental at Ibiza Rocks, the look says it all

4 Sailing out with Chilli Pepper Charters

I am not a boat, sea or swimming kind of guy but the family are.  So a boat trip was booked and we duly arrived at the harbour to be greeted by Vincente the captain and Sofi the sailor who welcomed us aboard.

We sailed out of the harbour and into the open sea, it was a little choppy and I have to admit on that first trip I was holding on for dear life (although there was nothing to worry about) and made our way to the inlet of Cala Salada.

The kids spent the whole time jumping off the boat swimming round and climbing back up the steps and jumping off again and even I was convinced to take to the waters all be it with a float or two.

We then watched the sunset bobbing on the waves and I shed a tear or two, whether it was the emotion of the views or surrounded by family and what have now become dear friends, I’m not sure but this is truly my happy place when in Ibiza.

We have spent many hours sailing with Chilli Pepper Charters since, visiting numerous spots to swim and snorkel watching so many sunsets. My love for their boat, a beautiful old wooden sailing boat (converted to diesel for tourism) has been taken to a new level when I had the chance to work on her repairs last April.

They have also over the last few years helped me swim more freely, snorkel and to appreciate the beauty of the sea and what’s under the waves.

My true happy place Chilli Pepper Charters San Antonio Ibiza

My true happy place Chilli Pepper Charters San Antonio Ibiza

5 The ice cannon at Amnesia

This was the main reason for our first trip to Ibiza to see Above and Beyond at Amnesia as part of Cream Ibiza Thursday nights. 

The venue is amazing an old Finca (country house) with the terrace a large open space and the smaller more intimate main room.  We grabbed the perfect position and soaked in the atmosphere, albeit somewhat warm and sweaty –  it is Ibiza after all.

And then this noise, this rush, the feel of cold as the ice cannon fired as the beat dropped, something I had never experienced or even heard of before.  Wow if you are in right spot it is incredible and as a bonus, it drops the temperature significantly if only for a few seconds.

I can safely say I have stood under the main room and terrace Ice Cannons many times and it never gets old, quite literally spine-tingling.

The Ice Cannon at Cream Ibiza in Amnesia an experience like no other

The Ice Cannon at Cream Ibiza in Amnesia an experience like no other

6 Cala Saladeta

On our early visits we tended to explore the more well-known beaches, Cala Gracio, Cala Bassa and the like but we asked Miki the owner of the Marino where we stay which other beaches we should check out and he said Cala Saladeta located over the rocks at Cala Salada, it is “paradise beach” were his words.

So off exploring, we took the road north from San Antonio and headed down to the carpark above Cala Salada descended the steps and round the pebble lined beach of Cala Salada.

We were a little disappointed as this was not what we expected but we could see a few people a little further around the coast sitting on what looked like golden sand so off we walked.

Back up hill over the cliffs and down again to what was rightly called paradise beach, a small cove of golden sand with very shallow crystal clear waters. Due to its size there are no facilities and many locals come here.  It was lovely.

We spent many hours here playing with the kids relaxing under the Mediterranean sun.  These are the memories I hold dearest of our time in Ibiza, we all grow and get older and those moments with our children are cherished special memories.

Cala Saladeta or paradise beach as the local call it

Cala Saladeta or paradise beach as the local call it

7 Popeye at Tapas Ibiza

We always look for recommendations for restaurants when away from home and we saw Tapas Ibiza mentioned by Wayne Lineker and had to check it out. We were also told to order Popeye a Tapas Ibiza Speciality.

Our first attempted visit did not go to plan we were on foot and thought we had the right road but a couple of hundred meters down we got worried we were on the wrong road (in the dark) and turned back (this was before we had internet when in Ibiza) back at the hotel we checked and we were in the right place but just hadn’t gone far enough.

Tapas ibiza our favourite restaurant on the whole island. Picture courtesy of Tapas Ibiza

Tapas Ibiza our favourite restaurant on the whole island. Pic courtesy of Tapas Ibiza

The following night we made it and instantly fell in love with the atmosphere, the setting and the staff who are so friendly and welcoming. I saw a Popeye dish and have to be fair, it is one of those that looks unappealing, but having ordered myself OH WOW it is heavenly and is a must every time we go to Tapas Ibiza.

8 Es Vedra

Whether it’s what you read beforehand or what you hear from others about the myths and legends whenever you visit Es Vedra be it by boat at its base or high up on the cliffs overlooking the island there is definitely something magical about being in its presence.

We have been several times but it was at sunset when it was at its most perfect just a handful of us all sat in quiet contemplation just a lone saxophonist behind playing quietly it was very spiritual and magical a memory that will last with us forever.

The cliffs overlooking es Vedra a stunning location for an Ibiza sunset

The cliffs overlooking es Vedra a stunning location for an Ibiza sunset

9 Exploring the island

Ibiza is known as the part capital of Europe if not the world but after a couple of visits, it was time to get out and really explore the island away from the main resorts.

We hired a car grabbed a cheap map and just drove and oh my word the island is so beautiful and only minutes from the resorts and town you are already out into the stunning countryside, pine covered hills where valley after unspoilt valley greets you, it is like a different world.

We travelled pretty much the whole of the coast up and down through winding roads past vineyards, terraced fields, old Finicas and stopped at several beaches along the way. It was a side of Ibiza we never thought existed and we would urge everyone to get out of the resorts at least once while away to experience the true beauty and soul of the island.

If you are a little worried or concerned about exploring yourself take a guided tour by 4 by 4 a quad tour or the tourist trains which run from most resorts.

The rural Ibiza is an untouched oasis of the island

The rural Ibiza is an untouched oasis of the island and great for exploring

10 The people of Ibiza

I have travelled to many places in my lifetime but Ibiza’s attitude to people is all welcoming.  Of course, if you are an idiot or do something daft expect to treated as such, but never anywhere in the world have we made so many friends or found people so happy to see us.

This is something the island should be more famous for.  Acceptance of all no matter of age, creed, race, religion.  No one is above or beneath anyone, we are all equal and Ibiza is one of the few places where this feeling holds true.

So these are my 10 greatest Ibiza memories. Although I could list so many more, everyone who visits the island has their own memories which will last them a lifetime.  We would love to hear about yours, please comment below.

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