10 reasons to book Ibiza in 2020

10 reasons to book Ibiza in 2020

10 reasons Ibiza 2020

With the festivities nearly over its that time to start looking ahead and here are our 10 reasons to book Ibiza in 2020.

Before we start, Ibiza is known the world over for its partying and letting your hair down but the island has so much more to offer than just partying.  Read on to find out more about what Ibiza has to offer you in 2020 and beyond.

Whether it’s a romantic weekend away, a family holiday or that much needed time away relaxing and enjoying life with friends Ibiza is the place to go that is suitable and welcoming to everybody.

1. Easy to get to

Ibiza is one of the easiest places to get to with nearly all UK regional airports having direct summer flights to the island starting from April and containing through until early November.

With a flight time of around 2.5hrs you can leave the UK at breakfast and be sitting by the pool at lunchtime cocktail in hand.

A full list of flights for Ibiza summer 2020 can be here

2. Resorts and Accommodation

The island offers a full range of resorts and accommodation to meet all tastes and budgets. Whether you want a villa in the hills surrounded by your loved ones or a bustling centre of resort room Ibiza caters for all.

Check out our Ibiza resort guide and our Ibiza accommodation offers page for some great deals for 2020.

The Wi-Ki-Woo, Calo des Moro, Ibiza

The Wi-Ki-Woo, Calo des Moro, Ibiza

3. Ibiza culture

Ibiza’s historic isolation and occupation by various ethnic groups, including the Phoenicians, Moorish and Roman people, has left its mark on the architecture, art and cuisine across the island and is a great place to explore and find some real hidden treasures.

The island is home to several museums, art galleries and with over 2000 years of history, there is culture oozing from every corner in Ibiza.

Tanits shrine within the cave

The goddess Tanits shrine a hidden gem in Ibiza

4. Walking and Cycling

Away from the main tourist hubs, the island is a beautiful pine covered place dotted with small villages set amongst rolling hills and valleys and is perfect for those who wish to get out and walk or cycle.

Through the forests of the island reaching down to the sea it is a beautiful place to find a hidden cove or beach and find true tranquillity away from the hustle and bustle of the main areas.

The view look down the valley of Es Broll Ibiza

The view looking down the valley of Es Broll Ibiza

5. The nightlife

Possibly what Ibiza is most famous for is the clubbing, nightlife and daytime parties.

The super clubs famous the world over continue to reign supreme bringing the biggest names night after night to the island for those who like to party until sunrise.

For those wanting to party in the sunshine the choice is endless. From pool parties to boat parties there is something for everyone to enjoy.  Check our Ibiza party calendar on a regular basis for all the parties for 2020 as they are announced.

Alternatively, try the more relaxed bars with Balearic beats playing to accompany that perfectly made cocktail.

Sam Divine at the Defected Opening Party at Eden Ibiza

Sam Divine at Defected Opening Party at super club Eden Ibiza

6. The rebirth of the West End

After several years of heavy restrictions, 2020 will see the rebirth of the West End (a group of bars / clubs / restaurants in San Antonio) with the restriction of opening hours and terraces being lifted somewhat.

There is also heavy investment taking place in and around the area meaning a more diverse experience than ever before will start to emerge and what was once an infamous area will start to become a more diverse and fun filled area of the island.

The West End in San Antonio

The West End in San Antonio

7. The Beaches

Ibiza is home to over 70 beaches of white / golden sand so even in the peak of the summer season you can go off exploring and find a little piece of idyllic paradise all to yourself.
For those that like a few more home comforts all of the major beaches have sunbeds, parasols and restaurants/cafes to hand.

Trust us there is nothing better than taking an afternoon or two on an Ibiza beach and dipping a toe or two in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, or even taking a full blown swim and exploring under the waves where the marine life is abundant.

The quiet beaches of Ibiza in late April and early May

The quiet beaches of Ibiza in late April and early May

8. The Sunsets

Without question, Ibiza delivers when it comes to sunsets in so many incredible and amazing locations across the island.

Whether you take to the sunset strip with its world famous bars, joining the crowds each evening to share the magical experience accompanied by some top notch world renowned DJ’s or if you go the spiritual viewpoint over Es Vedra every sunset in Ibiza is truly spectacular.

Check out our top 5 sunset spots in Ibiza or for the more adventurous check out our 5 more amazing Ibiza sunset spots.

The cliffs overlooking es Vedra a stunning location for an Ibiza sunset

The cliffs overlooking es Vedra a stunning location for an Ibiza sunset

9. Activities

From horse riding / quad biking in the pine-covered hills to kayaking / paddleboarding  / freediving along the coast of Ibiza there is something for everyone to enjoy.

You can hire your own boat, or join an all-inclusive excursion and sail off into the sunset or parasail high above everyone for the most incredible views of the island.

Try an organised walk, 4 by 4 adventure, cycling tour all of which take in some of the most stunning beaches and vistas across the island.

Freediving in Ibiza with Freedive Ibiza by Tanya Taylor

Freediving in Ibiza

10. Cuisine and eating out

Ibiza loves its food and is home to some of the finest Mediterranean eateries around.  From the traditional dishes served with the catch of the day or Ibizan Lamb that is truly mouthwatering or the newer more modern dishes, Ibiza really knows its food.

You’ll find top class restaurants full of the rich and famous and that little corner cafe off the main street serving tapas with every beer to ensure that your taste buds will be spoilt day after day.

Top tip, use the Menu del Dia app to find the best menus of the day on offer to suit all budgets and taste buds.

Tapas ibiza our favourite restaurant on the whole island Picture courtesy of Tapas Ibiza San Antonio

Tapas Ibiza our favourite restaurant on the whole island

So no matter what you are looking for, a relaxing short break, a family holiday or a pure clubbing trip Ibiza 2020 has you covered and is still the best place on earth to live the dream and have one of the most incredible trips of a lifetime.

As we say Love Life Love Ibiza so don’t delay book today, you won’t regret it.

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