8 Reasons why Ibiza is the best place to live

Cala Salada Ibiza

Ibiza is true healthy living

Many of us may only visit the island for a few days or a week at a time taking in the wonders and excesses that go with being away from home, but for the lucky few that live there Ibiza may well be the best place to live on earth.

I am not saying its totally stress free. I mean having to earn your whole year’s living in a 5 month summer season cannot be easy, but here are my 8 reasons why Ibiza is just a better place to live.


Talk about overloading on Vitamin D. Ibiza has around 300 days of sunshine so no cold, dark winter days or endless rainy days across the rest of the year. You have very little chance of suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) in Ibiza.

Diet / Food

Being an island, the mainstay of the Ibiza diet is fish packed full of Omega 3 and other nutrients which research has shown can help you feel happier. Ibiza grows a lot of fruit and vegetables all grown in all that extra sunshine make for great tasting healthy easting.

Next time you visit Ibiza buy a fresh whole watermelon, succulent, juicy, tastes great and is perfect at keeping you hydrated on the beach – get one and you will see what I mean.

And need I mention the endless benefits of olive oil.

Healthy eating all the way in Ibiza

Healthy eating all the way in Ibiza


Ibizans love the young and the old alike and family is one of their top priorities whether its spending a lazy afternoon with them or working hard to provide for them family comes first.

Kids are spoilt when out and about especially in restaurants where they are always welcome. The old are not carted off to care homes but tend to live with the family becoming the elder statesman and advisor to the others.

Life Expectancy

A recent Eurostat study revealed that the Spanish live the longest out of all Europeans with the average age being 82.5 years.

Whether that is down to the climate, diet, lifestyle or a combination of all 3 it turns out that living in the Spanish regions extends your life expectancy.


From the ancient history of the Phoenicians to modern works of art adorning the sides of buildings, Ibiza is full of rich culture and heritage. There is always something new to explore, to stare at in wonder and to share with family and friends.

This keeps the mind alive and working away which is not only good for you but keeps you on your toes for much longer.

Dalt Vila one the cultural wonders of Ibiza

Dalt Vila one the cultural wonders of Ibiza


Ibiza has some of the most amazing views and vistas you will find anywhere in the world and taking a short jump away from the main resorts you can be at one with nature bringing calm and peace to your everyday life.

For those who like it a little more organised the island is dotted with health retreats and spas where you can really be pampered by others and feel truly invigorated.

Exercise / Being Outside

We are all told exercise is the key to a happy and healthy life and Ibiza provides endless activities for all ages.

Whether its a fresh morning swim in the sea, a stroll along promenade at sunset or something a little more energetic like cycling round the island or climbing the amazing cliffs you have no excuses in Ibiza not to get out there and do something.

Paddle Boarding in Ibiza a great activity for the whole family

Paddle Boarding in Ibiza a great activity for the whole family, we loved it.

The Victorians swore by the fresh sea air being good for you and I think they may have been onto something and on an island there is an abundance of fresh sea air.


Many of us visit Ibiza to party hard and do it in excess cramming in as much as we can in our few precious days away but living in Ibiza means there are fiestas and parties all year round.

These are great social gatherings getting people out and about sharing their lives their friendships and of course we all know that getting out and socialising is great for your well being.

Ibiza home to some of the best parties and fiestas across the globe

Ibiza home to some of the best parties and fiestas across the globe

Plus the huge bonus that in Ibiza some of the worlds greatest DJ’s come to your own doorstep to play each summer and those that live there and who have socialised in the winter will know just the right person to get them on the guest list for those not to miss DJs.

So there you have it, why I feel Ibiza is the best place to live. And to further add proof to the mix, it seems that many of my arguments are backed up by fact and studies. I think the rest of the world could learn a lot from Ibiza and its attitude to life, work, rest and play.

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