A Free Holiday to Ibiza

Holidaying in Ibiza

Free Holiday to Ibiza

No this isn’t a competition to give away a free holiday… sorry.

However, there are ways to grab yourself a free, yes a FREE trip to the island and even get some spending money as well!

The downside is it will involve a little work on your part and convincing a few mates to go to Ibiza, although that bit shouldn’t be too difficult.

So read on to find out how you can enjoy a free holiday in Ibiza.

Become a Together Ambassador


Catering for the uni student market; Together has a range of party trips throughout the summer season to Ibiza and other party hot spots across Europe.

A simple concept sell 10 of their holidays and get yours with them free.

To help you on the way and to help you persuade your mates to go, people booking through you are waived the £10 booking fee.

On top of that once you reach 10 sales you can choose either a free holiday or to take £15 commission per sale.

If you book more than 10 you then get straight commission.

So with 15 bookings you can have a free holiday and free spending money.

For full details see the Together Ambassador page here.

Awaken Ibiza Deal

Awaken_ibizaAwaken are famous for covering the opening and closing parties taking you to the best venues and the biggest parties.

Sign up online and create your unique partner code, and then send it to everyone you know.  Promote it on Twitter and Facebook and once your bookings come flooding in (all the hard work is done for you) and once you reach 10 sales you are entitled to a free Awaken Ibiza trip of your choosing.

If you sell 20 they will give you two free holidays or you can take it as commission at £10 per booking.

To find out more sign up here


You could decide to go into television as part of a fly on the wall docu-soap like Ibiza Weekender which we suspect as much as its free will be all about the filming and less about the partying.

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