A Guide to Bars and Restaurants in Marina Botafoch Ibiza by Zoe Newlove

Guide to Bars and Restaurants in Marina Botafoch Ibiza by Zoe Newlove

Marina Botafoch Ibiza

Marina Botafoch Ibiza is a one stop shop for fine dining, 5 star hotels and designer boutiques located in Ibiza Town.

Home to some of the most beautiful yachts and apartment buildings overlooking Dalt Vila and the harbour, it really is a dream location within walking distance of Ibiza Town itself and Talamanca.

There is much to say about the nightlife, with many bars and restaurants to choose from, so today we highlight the best of the best.

Daytime Ventures

Cappuccino Grand Cafe

A small but exclusive chain, Cappuccino, offers a beautiful and sophisticated spot for enjoying coffee or a bite to eat.

Overlooking the harbour and boasting views of Dalt Vila, it is a delightful place to sit and enjoy the view with friends over a slice of carrot cake. They really do have the best carrot cake I have ever tried.

Secret tip: Ask for the Ice-cream Menu and any one of these can be made into a milkshake.  The best is the Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshake. You simply have to try it as words cannot describe how delicious and refreshing it tastes.

Cappuccino Grand Cafe Ibiza with the iconic view across the marina to Dalt Vila

Cappuccino Grand Cafe Ibiza with the iconic view across the marina to Dalt Vila

Passion Marina

The Passion, another chain, can be found all around Ibiza, however, the one in Marina Botafoch is a personal favourite of mine. For delicious and healthy meals, all day long, and the most incredible selection of juices and smoothies, this place does not disappoint.

It is deemed to be quite expensive, however, you do get a lot of food for what you pay
for. For high quality, locally sourced food, Passion has a menu that will keep you coming back for more.



Brand new and less than a year old, this Asian fusion restaurant is simply stunning. With outdoor cabanas and a pool area, and possibly the biggest wine fridge you ever have seen, these features, alongside the incredible food, are what make this restaurant truly unforgettable.

Trattoria del Mar

Without a doubt some of the best pasta and pizza I have ever eaten I have eaten here. If Italian cuisine is your favourite, then you will adore this restaurant.

What I love in particular are the staff about this place is that every time I have visited they have always been so helpful, and often chosen my meals for me as everything looks so good, I can never decide.

I have been here numerous times and the food, drinks, location and atmosphere are always perfect.

Trattoria del Mar Italian perfection in Marina Botafoch Ibiza

Trattoria del Mar Italian perfection in Marina Botafoch Ibiza

Clubs and Dining Experiences

Lio & Heart

Literally a dinner and a show combined.  Both Lio and Heart offer unforgettable dining experiences. tip: Book in advance to secure your spot as these venues are extremely popular in the height of Summer.

Extravagant and glamorous, you can understand why these are a favourite with celebrities. For cabaret, contortionists, live singers and dance performances, it really is something special.

Click to see what’s on this summer at Heart

Lio Ibiza Cabaret Restaurant & Club an amazing evening of entertainment

Lio Ibiza Cabaret Restaurant & Club an amazing evening of entertainment

Pacha Ibiza

Marina Botafoch is indeed home to the world famous club Pacha. Very recently renovated and opening its doors in 2018 to the worlds biggest DJ’s, this super club will always be a popular choice for locals and tourists alike.

For the full Pacha experience, you can dine in the restaurant before pushing your dancing shoes to their limits.

Click to see whats on at Pacha this summer.

Pacha Ibiza an Iconic super club in Ibiza

Pacha Ibiza an Iconic super club in Ibiza

STK Ibiza

One of the latest venues to open its doors to the marina is STK. More than just a steak restaurant, similar to Heart and Lio, enjoy your dinner whilst dancers and singers take to the stage and make their way around each table.

The bar gets really lively and is a great place to dance and sip cocktails after your evening meal. You must check out the dessert wheel, with popcorn, popping candy and chocolate milkshake.


Sushi Point

It is a restaurant, but the bar in Sushi Point is just as well known. Asides from having the most amazing sushi on the island, the cocktails are really not to be missed and the atmosphere is always fun.

IT Bar

Fine Italian dining, another restaurant of course, but what I love about this place is the terrace. Each week they have DJs and events, which make this place a little bit more special than the rest.

The food is incredible, and they do a mean chocolate pizza, but the music and cool and sophisticated evening vibe is what IT is all about.

La Gaia, Ibiza Gran Hotel

Known for the stunning Japanese cuisine, with fusion flavours from Peru and Japan, it also serves up the most amazing cocktails. There is even a Gin & Vodka Club. In the heart of the five star Gran Hotel, it honestly is a sophisticated dining experience to remember.

Marina Botafoch Ibiza is a great place to explore, grab a drink, a bite to eat and enjoy the stunning views and the world going by and as day turns to night it comes alive with fine dining, bars and shows aplenty.

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