A New Era for San Antonio Ibiza

A new era ahead for San Antonio

A new era for San Antonio

After the recent elections with no single party gaining overall control (11 seats required) negotiations have been ongoing to form the next council in San Antonio.

After over 35 years of rule by the PP they seem to have been shunned, despite winning the most seats
(8 seats), with the other parties PSOE (6 seats) Reinicia (4 seats) and PI (3 seats) all sitting down to work out a way forward.

Pep Tur Cires

Pep Tur Cires

In the last few days it appears that an agreement in principle has been agreed by these three parties on how to form the new council and how to move forward in the running of San Antonio with Pep Tur Cires becoming the new mayor (PSOE).

With broadly the same aims for the area as laid out in their manifestoes, from being a more open and transparent council to dealing with cleanliness, infrastructure, policing and security it seems that a positive way forward could be on the horizon for San Antonio.

There are some that feel the party they voted for has sold out by being part of a three way pact and only time will tell if this is true or whether this setup can work and improve the town for those that live here or for the tourists which provide the majority of the area’s income.

On the tourism front I do have concerns over the wording “changing the tourism model” which has been spoken about many times by the three parties.  Although I cannot find a definitive answer to what this statement actually means.

At present the tourists of San Antonio are predominately the younger generation who come for the music and the bars which are the life blood of San Antonio.  They book many of the hotels and apartments and freely use the bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

If those in power try to move this tourism group away, the financial impact alone on businesses will have a huge negative effect on the town. A slower and more thought out process needs to take place to improve the town and the actions of those staying within it.

Improving the look and the feel of the town should be the first priority.  Effective cleaning investment and a robust policing policy is important as if you make the town look and feel better people will treat it better as has been shown in other tourist destinations.

There are local laws in place to deal with opening times, closing times and noise limits on bars which need to be enforced to see if they are all that is needed to help create a nicer environment for the locals and tourists alike.

It is a complicated balancing act for those coming to power.  How to keep the residents of the town happy but also meet the needs of the current tourists visiting but to also attract more families and mature tourist to the resort.

With the season already in full swing do not expect any major changes this year when visiting San Antonio.   But I also hope that it gives those coming to power a little more time to reflect on what they have already and not to take the bull in a china shop attitude and destroy what is already an amazing town and resort.

The coming months and years will show us all if a three way pact can work for San Antonio and we shall be here blogging away keeping you all updated on their progress.

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