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Martin Makepeace Your man in San An

Martin Makepeace Your man in San An

Yesterday saw a historic event take place in San Antonio where a tri party coalition took over the running of the Council after the recent local elections.

The PSOE, PI and Reinicia parties have all joined forces to create the new San An council after 35 years of rule by the PP which we covered here.

As the dust settles from the election a new political blog has been set up titled “Your man in San An” by Martin Makepeace.

Martin has lived and worked in San Antonio for over 20 years and has a real passion for the town.  In fact,  so much so he stood in the recent election as member  of the PP party.

Sadly due to a combination of national and local politics the PP took a bit of a battering and he didn’t get a seat this time with the party taking only 8 of the 21 seats.

However ,off the back of this he has set up the new blog to keep the English speaking population informed of what is going on locally in San An and to get the more involved in politics of the town.

He will also be giving his own opinions on local news and developments within the town that affects not only the local population as a whole but also the tourists visiting the area.

Martin is also hoping to engage and debate with everyone to help improve the area and as he says “as only through debate will we get to the nitty gritty and try and change things for the better”.

As much as we are a more tourist based blog in regards to San Antonio and the Island of Ibiza, we may sometimes see it through rose tinted glasses because we want the world to experience the magic and beauty of the island.

 Martin’s blog will be much harder hitting regarding local issues and politics, most of which as tourists we never see.

We shall of course be reading it with great interest as the newly formed council gets to grips with the town we all so love.

 You can find Martin’s Blog at martinmakepeace.com

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  • Thanks for your support & for being a great supporter of San Antonio & Ibiza. Your excellent blog was one of the inspirations to start mine so please continue posting informative & intetsting articles about the white isle.

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