How to report maintenance problems in San Antonio Ibiza

Maintenance in San Antonio

Maintenance Portal

We thought we had found something new in this but I have been reliably informed it has been around since July 2011 (thank you @aaronpanta).

There is a specific webpage to report maintenance problems around the area of San Antonio.

Whether its, rubbish, potholes, street lights not working or similar you can now easily and simply report it via this webpage on the councils own website.

In English
In Catalan
In Spanish

Far more importantly for us, it has an English version and a place the marker on the map system which will be perfect for those of us who struggle with the road names and language while in San Antonio.

A new way to be report maintence problems in San Antonio Ibiza

A new way to be report maintence problems in San Antonio Ibiza

You can also add a picture of the area or specific problem to help aid those doing the repairs to find it quickly and easily.

This is a fantastic resource by the council and allows the reporting of problems by all whether you’re San Antonio born and bred or a first time visitor to the town.

They also hope to launch a phone app by the end of the year making even easier.

This a simple yet great find for those of us who love the area it allows us a way to care that little bit more for San Antonio easily and simply.


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