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San Antonio A Time for Change

Yesterdays post; San Antonio A Time for Change went down very well and has sparked some great conversations over the last 24 hrs.

Both Martin Makepeace and Sofia Costa Blom commented and forwarded the article onto friends and colleagues, and as it spread around the internet, it became very clear that there are many people out there who love the real San Antonio.

It is without question time for the town to let go of it’s notorious over hyped past and start developing itself into the shining town and resort it deserves to be.

There are so many great people living and working in the town who have a true passion to make it succeed.  Although it will take time to solve all of the problems and to truly change it’s image especially within the British media, the first important steps are being taken.

Now that the momentum and conversations have started we hope they will continue and that everyone who loves San Antonio will get behind it and do what they can to make the future better for everyone.

Posted on twitter by Martin Makepeace last night which sums it up perfectly

“U see a street, I see a town
U see hooligans, I see happy people
U hear noise, I feel the buzz
U see dark, I see light”

We will continue to follow the story as it develops over the coming weeks, months and years, and at last it seems that the future for San Antonio is now brighter than ever.

This article forms part of my distant learning course with the College of Media and Publishing score A-

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