A walk along the promenade San Antonio Ibiza

The promenade San Antonio Ibiza

The promenade San Antonio

Starting beside the beach of Es Puet and following the prom all the way round to the beach at Calo des Moro this walk is great whatever your ability and has something for everyone as you go along.

The walk is about 3km in total, with only one set of steps (but a ramp is also provided as part of the cycle path suitable for pushchairs and wheels chairs).

Although you could do it from start to finish in around an hour we advise that you take it much more slowly, enjoy the sights and stop to grab some food and drinks along the way.

You can find an accompanying map for the route here

Start at Es Puet, which is a lovely beach and take the promenade towards San Antonio, taking care to keep off the painted cycle path. The local cyclists do get quite a good speed up along this cycle path. (Start)

When you reach the first corner you will be rewarded with panoramic views of the natural harbour which makes San Antonio so special and so beautiful. (Point 1)

Windmill San Antonio

Windmill in San Antonio

If you stop and look inland you will spot one of the windmills which are dotted across the island. In ancient times, before the introduction of electric pumps they were used to draw water up from the fresh water river which runs from the Pyrenees under the Balearic Islands beneath the seabed.

Next to the windmill is a fantastic play area for children and even has a basketball court.  Although it may be a little hot to use during the heat of the day, but an alternative play area can be found nearby floating offshore.

Ocean Mania is a playground come assault course and is suitable for all ages and let’s be honest no-one is ever too old to bounce around like a big kid on a bouncy castle… And this one is on water! (Point 2)

Continuing along the prom you will pass Ocean Beach on your right which has become iconic for its day time parties in recent years.  It offers a stylish and lavish beach club experience with some great tunes to listen to as you pass by.

The main beach of S’Arenal de San Antonio starts beside Surf House Ibiza (a surfing wave) and stretches all the way around this part of the bay.  It’s a very busy and well used manmade beach with sun loungers, water sports and bars a plenty.

Looking across to S'Arenal beach San Antonio Ibiza

Looking across to S’Arenal beach San Antonio Ibiza

Palm trees adorn this part of the walk and as you pass several hotels and bars along the way we recommend a stop off at TulipAn, a very relaxed and laid back bar that has hammocks.  Once you are refreshed you can continue. (Point 3)

Over the bridge on your right is Linekers Bar.  It is famously owned by Gary Lineker’s brother Wayne Lineker and naturally is the place to watch the football in San Antonio.

Ibiza Rocks Bar Chicken Pitta

Ibiza Rocks Bar Chicken Pitta

A host of bars and restaurants adorn this next section of the walk.  Our personal favourite is the Ibiza Rocks Bar who serve an amazing chicken pita with lashings of coleslaw.  They also do a mean milkshake so is great for children as well. Keep an eye out for Ibiza vlogger Adam Craft who works here and say hi if you get chance he truly is a nice chap. (Point 4)

Continuing along the walk if you look inland you will see the famous Super Clubs of Es Paradis designed by Lluis Güell in 1975 and Eden which is back in Dutch hands for 2015, and is proving to be one of the highlights of the nightlife in Ibiza this year.

If you stick close to the road you can catch a glimpse of the world famous Egg before turning left passing the ferry and day trip boats all moored up along the quay side.

Make sure you spend a few minutes grabbing those all important timetables so you can visit your favourite beaches or take a trip to Formentera, you can literally go anywhere by boat from San Antonio.

It is also where you will find the booths for Parasailing, Twister jet or if you’re looking for something a little more sedate Chilli Pepper Charters. (Point 5)

The Quayside in San Antonio where you catch the ferry boats from.

The Quayside in San Antonio where you catch the ferry boats from.

Along the tree lined quayside you will pass the Es Nautica restaurant which juts out into the harbour.  If you look down into the water here and have some bread to hand, chuck a few little bits in and you will be amazed at the amount of marine life living so close to all the boats racing to the titbits you have just thrown in.  The water really is crystal clear and beautifully clean. (Point 6)

This is the working part of the harbour with private charter boats, fishing boats and the ferry terminal that runs the larger ferries to mainland Spain. You can further extend the walk by taking the steps on the left and walking to the end of the breakwater, which provides stunning views across the harbour entrance to San Antonio Bay and out into the Mediterranean Sea. (Point 7)

A stunning view from the promenade in San Antonio Ibiza

A stunning view from the promenade in San Antonio Ibiza

Returning back to the original route, take the steps or ramp upwards to the old lighthouse used until 1963 when the breakwater was built.  It is now used as the HQ of the Bloop Art Festival that runs in late July and August. (Point 8)

A little downhill slope leads you to the world famous Sunset Strip renowned for its views of the Ibizan sunset and for hosting the world’s best DJ’s nightly.  Thousands gather here each evening to see Mother Nature’s finest view and it is a definite bucket list experience. (Point 9)

The bars of Sunset Strip San Antonio

The bars of Sunset Strip San Antonio

Passing the bars, the promenade makes its way across the rocky shoreline and open area which is also crammed to capacity in the early evening.  It is somewhere we love to go not only for the sunset but also for the atmosphere and experience of sharing that magical view with thousands of others.

Around the final corner of the walk are the quieter sunset bars as several are elevated they provide stunning views out into the Med of the boats and islands.  It’s a truly unique and beautiful view.

Keep an eye out for the little ice cream shack on the right which is without doubt one of the best found anywhere in Ibiza. (Point 10)

And here you are at the end of the walk at Calo des Moro beach (End).  A perfect little beach to have a paddle and take five to just enjoy the views and the magic of Ibiza. I have spent many a happy hour here relaxing and simply watching the world go by.

The end of the walk at Calo des Moro

The end of the walk at Calo des Moro

If you need a drink and a real seat to recuperate their are several quiet bars here with fantastic views out to sea including the Golden Buddha, Kasbah and our favourite the Bamboo Bar which is open early evening onwards.

It is run by a lovely couple with a real passion for Ibiza who are so friendly and welcoming and their Mojitos are amazing.  After all a drink is always a good idea after a long walk.  And for the children, they have fantastically fast wifi and delicious Paninis to help refuel. Next door to the Bamboo Bar is also some of the best ice cream in San Antonio, well worth a try after a good walk.

It is hoped in years to come to extend the prom both ways into San Antonio bay and towards Cala Gracio.


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