Acrobosc Ibiza Woodland Adventure Park

Acrobosc Ibiza Woodland Adventure Park

Acrobosc Ibiza

The term hidden gem gets thrown around a lot these days but I think Acrobosc Ibiza Woodland Adventure Park, the assault course set high up in the pine trees of S’Argamassa, truly does deserve this title.

I’ve been living in Ibiza for six years now and I know the place pretty well so it’s always great to find something new to enjoy that doesn’t involve the beach, restaurant, clubs or the sea.

It’s a fantastic activity suitable for adults and children alike. You will be thrilled, excited and challenged as you swing through the trees and your confidence will be boosted while having a whole load of fun.

I can’t believe I waited so long to try it out and I highly recommend that you add it to your “things to do in Ibiza” list.

For this exciting activity, you have to head over to the east of the island. S’Argamassa can be found halfway between Santa Eularia and Es Canar. It’s quite a small place and Acrobosc is visible from the road making it easy to find.

It’s open throughout the summer from 10 am to 9 pm in July and August with opening times varying slightly in the quieter parts of the season.

There are three different routes to choose from. The first the green route is for very small children. The Blue route is the next level up and is for older children and adults with the most challenging the red route which is suitable for adults and taller children.

Acrobosc Ibiza Woodland Adventure Park

Acrobosc Ibiza Woodland Adventure Park

It’s worth noting that they don’t accept cards for payment on site, you can either pay cash or by book online in advance. All the details of prices, opening times and height restrictions can be found on their website here.

I visited early on a Sunday morning to avoid the July heat and crowds. There were only a few people there when I arrived and the temperature was cool, with plenty of shade beneath trees as well as a fresh sea breeze rolling in from the coast.

The guy on the desk was really friendly and helpful when I told him it was my first time. He recommended the blue course but said it was OK for me to go and have a look from the ground up before I chose.

The difference between the blue route and the red one is only a couple of meters and from down here it all just looked fun, so I boldly picked the red route. After I’d paid, I was directed to the lovely Sandra who harnessed me up and took me to the demo area to literally show me the ropes.

Each route is completely separate from the other and clearly marked out. The objective is to get from one tree platform to the next via wobbly rope bridges, suspended poles, hanging ropes, zip-lines and even a bicycle on a wire.

There are no sides holding you in anywhere or a safety net below, your totally dependent on your harness being attached to the “lifeline”. Throughout the course, you have to attach and reattach yourself to the lifeline as you go along.

Push your limits at the Acrobosc Ibiza Woodland Adventure Park

Push your limits at the Acrobosc Ibiza Woodland Adventure Park

In the practice area, you learn about the harness and how to use the carabiners (clips), there’s even a mini zip wire to practice on. After Sandra had finished explaining everything we headed on over to start of the red route.

I knew I’d made a mistake as soon as I got to the climbing wall that accessed the start of the red route. By the time I’d struggled to the top I was trembling and feeling really unnerved.

It all looked really high up and intimidating from here, looking out across to the next platform. To get there you have to walk across a suspended pole with 9 meters of pure air beneath you.

I was very hesitant and my legs felt they were going to buckle but it’s good to get out of your comfort zone right? I made it to the second platform but it wasn’t getting any easier. I was still really petrified when somehow, crouching, creeping and clinging, I made it to the third platform.

I was trying all kinds of mental techniques to get a grip on the situation. Even with Sandra’s support and choruses of “trust in the equipment”, I knew I had to get down now or be rescued by a ladder at a more inconvenient point.

Thank god it was a quiet Sunday morning and there wasn’t a queue piling up behind me. Sandra was very understanding and guided me safely back down and over to the blue route.

The blue route was much more inviting but still high enough to give you a bit of a buzz.

The start of the blue route at Acrobosc Ibiza Woodland Adventure Park

Preparing for the start of the blue route at Acrobosc Ibiza Woodland Adventure Park

After I’d crossed a few platforms I was feeling really confident and at home up there in the trees. I loved the zip-wires and the thrill of stepping out into nothingness.

By the second time around, I was really enjoying the physical work out as well as the rhythmic clipping and unclipping to the lifeline.

The great thing about Acrobosc is that there’s no time limit so you can go around as many times as you like.

You’re welcome to sit and rest on the many tables and chairs dotted about under the trees, and watch the aping around going on above. Basic snacks and drinks are available from a small bar and you’re also welcome to bring your own picnic.

I really can’t recommend Acrobosc enough. I loved the adrenaline buzz, pushing my boundaries, the physical workout, learning new skills and doing something totally new and exciting.

I went alone this time around but I can imagine going with a group would enhance the experience even more. It’s a fantastic activity that the whole family can enjoy together.

Even if you don’t want to take part you can have lots of fun just watching the shenanigans going on above, offering moral support from the ground. It’s physically and mentally satisfying and you’re guaranteed to leave with a cheeky monkey smile on your face.

To find out more about Acrobosc Ibiza Woodland Adventure Park you can visit their website here or for bookings click here.

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