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We first met Adam Craft in 2015 after he started posting weekly vlogs about his summer season in Ibiza.  His vlogs  are great fun and give a real insight into the work and lifestyle you can expect from working a season in the sun.

Being a veteran of working in Ibiza (2015 was Adam’s 5th consecutive year) we grabbed a few words with him to ask about working and if he had any tips he could share to help those new to working in Ibiza.

Thank you for joining us today Adam first off the question we get asked the most from potential workers thinking of doing a summer season in Ibiza.

Is it easier to find a job  when you get to the island or easier to find one before you arrive?

I’ve not had this problem before. I was lucky and had a job lined up (well a trial shift) before I left, but unless you know someone who will help you out then the best thing to do is get out there early and hand out those CVs. Try not to hand them out hungover, it doesn’t look good if your trying to get a job.

What is the accommodation like?  With many places being shared with others what is it like living with other people?

Accommodation is pretty basic. I lived in a shared house of 7. Sounds like a lot but everyone in the house worked so it was very rare that everyone was in at the same time. Between working and enjoying yourself the accommodation is more of a place to sleep and do personal admin than an actual home.

Having spoken to many workers over the years the wages are not particularity high and the hours are long but can you live well on what you can earn?

Yeah that is true the hourly wage isn’t great on your first/second year but if you stay in one place and you do well in your job they will more than likely up your pay each year. As for living well on your wage yeah you can easily! The more you work the less you have to spend, the more friends you make the less you have to spend while out and about in bars/restaurants. Its all about networking and making friends.

One of our articles last year (workers who don’t work) explained that workers are there to work first and enjoy themselves second.  Is this one of the biggest mistakes people make when doing a season in Ibiza – partying too hard?

I think the only people who call themselves a “worker” are the ones who don’t work. I think if you have a job and do party too hard you will more than likely lose your job. Most of these ‘workers’ max out their credit cards over 3 months then leave mid August. They still all expect workers prices everywhere though. ha ha

Ibiza Rocks Bar San Antonio, Ibiza, where Adam has worked his past few summers in Ibiza

Ibiza Rocks Bar San Antonio, where Adam has worked his past few summers in Ibiza

A couple of quick fire questions which we get asked a lot:

When should you arrive on the island? 

Ideally end of April/early May.

Should you book accommodation beforehand or go stay in a cheap hostel and sort when there? 

It all depends on how picky you are and your budget.  If you want to meet the people you might be living with first wait until you get out there. If you’re not too fussed then sort it out before you go.

How much money should you take with you?

Because I’ve always had accommodation and a job sorted and started work straight away, I’ve always took the bare minimum. A 1000 euros is a good start and should cover you until you have your wages coming in.

Are there any bars places to go for help with jobs and accommodation? 

Yeah the Fish is a great bar to get help from, also the Ship I’ve been there a few times for help. Do not be afraid to ask, after all everyone had a first year on the island so people are really helpful in Ibiza.

What types of jobs are available?

So many! But the main ones are bar and waitering. So my advice is get a job in a bar/restaurant over the winter in the UK, then you will have some sort of idea what to do because every employer is looking for the best person for the job. All the bars have to make 12 months worth of money in only 4/5 months, so be ready to work!

What have been your three favourite things about working in Ibiza?

The people, Ibiza is very friendly and you will make friends for life.

The sun, the island is pure paradise.

The lifestyle, you get to work hard and play hard all summer long.

On the flip side what are downsides to working in Ibiza?

The people. Sadly you get a lot of idiots too especially those that arrive on  holiday but they go home after a few days.

The sun.  It gets way too hot at times and the humidity can be unbearable but its an island so the sea is never far away.

Like you, many people return year after year to work on the island, what do you think makes working in Ibiza so special and unique?

Everyone working there is there to have a good time.  Unlike back home where people are moaning about how much they hate their job and wishing they lived somewhere else. Everyone in Ibiza is having the time of their lives day after day.

Ibiza is a beautiful island and is not just about the clubs and partying.  Even though you are working do you get much time to explore the island?

Everyone at least gets some time off.  It  just means you have to plan things.  Go find different beaches that you wouldn’t normally find if you were on holiday for a week. The island is beautiful and is well worth exploring, hire a car or moped for your days off and go an explore you won’t be disappointed.

Lastly what advice would you give a first timer thinking of spending a summer working in Ibiza?

Just do it. If you don’t like it the worst that’s going to happen is you go home. You’ve got nothing to lose 🙂

A huge thanks to Adam for giving us a great insight into working in Ibiza and to see more of his Ibiza vlogs you can find his youtube channel here or you can follow Adam on twitter here

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  • Hi…..are there any opertunities for a 50 something female ………..I can afford to pay my own rent but would like to have something to do ,, I’ve worked with the public for many years and always enjoyed working with people and all the challenges it brings ,,,,,I’m not looking to earn a lot of money just enough to stay on the Island for the season and get a feel for buying a property there in the future , been holidaying on the Island for 10 years and know my way around ..,im sure I would fit in …I’m young at heart and nothing fazes me ( seen it all before ,,) Ibiza needs me !! Love to hear what you think ??

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