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Amistat Hostel San Antonio review

Amistat Hostel Ibiza review

I recently returned to Ibiza for another amazing trip, but this trip was a little different to previous.

It was part of a month-long journey around Europe and called for some serious budgeting, especially because Ibiza was the final stop!

Of course, it’s not the world’s easiest task finding a decent place to stay on the island during high season that is budget friendly… but for me Amistat offers just that!

During my trip I stayed in some pretty amazing hostels, as well as some pretty ropey places.  Amistat was up there with the best of the bunch, however, it was by far the most expensive (by a country mile) but was it worth it.


I had actually booked a 10-bed mixed dorm for myself & my friend but on arrival, there was a little confusion with the cost of our stay, so the staff decided to upgrade us to a 6-bed instead. Of course, hostel life is like a lottery, your experience kind of depends on your roomies!

For us, our roomies were respectful & chilled, although we didn’t see much of them. The security was pretty strict, they don’t allow any other guests to go in the rooms.

Throughout our stay we didn’t use lockers and all of our belongings remained safe! All the doors in the building are opened by thumbprint, I actually thought this was a fabulous idea, especially because then you don’t have to worry about losing your key card on a night out.

The shared dorms at the Amistat San Antonio Ibiza

The shared dorms at the Amistat San Antonio Ibiza

During my stay, I also got chance to check out the private rooms, and I’ve got to say these were pretty damn good (good enough to rival my previous stay at Ibiza rocks)!

They are spacious and had a nice balcony overlooking the pool and what’s more a smart TV & Netflix for those hangover days!

Overall, both the dorms and private rooms were clean, spacious & had comfy, clean beds.

One of the private rooms at Amistat Ibiza

One of the private rooms at Amistat Ibiza


A big for me with all accommodation is the bathroom – I like a bathroom to be really clean, and thankfully all the bathrooms at Amistat were, so that’s a big tick from me!

The hostel has a super chill pool area, as well as a large common room & cool bar area. It’s a really social hostel, which is great, especially for solo travellers!

The pool area at Amistat Hostel IbizaThe pool are at Amistat Hostel Ibiza

The pool area at Amistat Hostel Ibiza

The hostel ran a range of different tours, offered activities such as salsa dancing & also provided tickets for all the super clubs & boat parties!

For me, I don’t tend to spend a lot of time in my hostel, it’s usually just a place to stay, but during my time at Amistat I tried to make the most of the facilities & I really enjoyed it!


Amistat is located in San Antonio.  It’s within walking distance to the Sunset Strip, West End, Ibiza Rocks & the bus station. Many supermarkets & restaurants are a stone’s throw away, so for me the location was pretty good!

I didn’t make it to the closest beach during my stay, Calo des Moro but I know it was also within walking distance!

Drinking & Dining

Amistat have a rule that you’re not allowed to bring your own alcohol into the hostel, so of course if you want to drink and socialise, you have to buy drinks from the bar.

In my opinion, the drinks are fairly priced (I feel like some places would take advantage of this situation a lot more).

My friends that were staying close by and came to Amistat most days because the drinks were cheaper than their hotel, and also really good! A vodka, soda & lime was 7 euros, and any shot from the bar was 3 euros.

Amistat Hostel San Antonio offering a cheaper alternative for many visiting Ibiza

Amistat Hostel San Antonio offering a cheaper alternative for many visiting Ibiza

What’s more, the atmosphere was pretty good in the bar day & night, and we met a lot of really cool people! We also tried the food, which again was reasonable priced & surprisingly good.

Overall, for anyone looking for a cost-effective trip to Ibiza, I would definitely recommend staying at Amistat – just go with an open mind & be prepared to have some fun!

Of course, hostel life isn’t for everyone, but if you’re cool with it, it’s a great option! I would happily stay at Amistat again, especially if I booked a private room!

To find out more and to book a stay at Amistat Hostel Ibiza click here.

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