An Interview with DJ Ed Knowles on his first season in Ibiza

DJ Ed Knowles

DJ Ed Knowles

Last year, we met Ed, a 33 year old teacher and DJ who was spending his first full season working in Ibiza.  Like us, he has a shared love of Ibiza so this week I met up with him to reminisce and to get the lowdown on Ibiza from a workers point of view.

You spent your first season working in Ibiza in 2014. What made you do it?

My girlfriend and I are both teachers and we had both resigned from a bad teaching experience in Doha. We had a few months to spare before a move to Bangkok in September so the timing was perfect.

There was nowhere else I wanted to spend the summer months. Ibiza is like a second home for me. I love the island for everything it offers and to spend a summer working there was a dream come true.

The Haunt Ibiza Bar & Grill

The Haunt Ibiza Bar & Grill Calle de Catalunya
San Antonio

Was it easy to find work?

I will be honest with you, being 32 at the time and with most workers in their early 20’s, I was a little nervous to try and find suitable work. It is not in my nature to do any sort of PR or ticket selling jobs but I was hopeful that I could find some bar or DJ work.

I was very lucky to find a job in my first 3 weeks in San Antonio, at a new bar called ‘The Haunt Ibiza’.  I worked there for the whole summer, 6 days a week and really loved it!

How would you suggest any first time workers go about getting a job in Ibiza?

Firstly and most importantly, you need an NIE number. This is your right to work in Spain. Without this, you are not legally allowed to work and employers will often refuse to interview you.

I got my NIE number from the Spanish Embassy in London before I went. I would suggest you get this sorted out well before you arrive as the waiting time in Ibiza for these can be up to 8 weeks, or longer during the summer months.

Then, follow all the various Ibiza groups on Facebook. There are always jobs being advertised on these.  Also when out in Ibiza, throughout the summer places like The Ship Inn have Recruitment Days. These are a great way to meet fellow workers and to pick up any tips on potential job opportunities.

When did you arrive in Ibiza?

I arrived in late April. I wanted to give myself the best chance of securing a decent job. The later you leave it the least likely it will be for yourself to get a good job.

I would recommend getting to Ibiza in early May. This way you will get there before most people and securing a job should be much easier.

Dj Ed Knowles Ibiza Gigs

Dj Ed Knowles Ibiza Gigs

As we know you’re a great House DJ but did you find any DJ work?

For any aspiring DJs wanting to come to Ibiza, I must stress it is hard work. It is not impossible, but it’s very difficult. Everybody I met seemed to be a DJ and every Bar and Club had their own DJs already lined up.

I approached a few Promoters on the island and managed to play at Viva and V Club a few times throughout the summer. None of these, however, were paid gigs; I purely did it for the love and experience of playing in Ibiza.

apartamentospalau ibiza

Apartamentos Palau, San Antonio, Ibiza

Where did you stay?

I stayed in San Antonio, in a family-run workers apartment block. I booked this in January (they fill up very early in the season) and the owner was very professional and friendly. She lives in the same block and was always on hand if any problems arose.

What did you do on your days off? What would you suggest to other workers?

This is where I feel I was very different to many workers who go out to Ibiza. I hired a moped for the whole season and on my days off, would explore as much of the amazing island as I could.

I would go to lots of beaches, visit different towns and eat at some incredible restaurants.  In Ibiza I met a lot of workers who honestly had never even left San Antonio.

Ibiza is incredible and I suggest you explore it as much as you can!

DJ Ed Knowles exploring Ibiza

DJ Ed Knowles exploring Ibiza

Dj Ed Knowles and girlfriend Jennie jennie

DJ Ed Knowles and girlfriend Jennie

What was your favourite night of 2014?

Without a doubt, the whole ANTS production at Ushuaia is something incredible. By far that was my favourite night of the season. I also spent many nights at Pacha and Booom.

Lastly, would you recommend a season in Ibiza?

Absolutely! To wake up every morning in such a magical place is not something you can take for granted.

To head down after a days work and see world famous DJs everyday of the week for free on the Sunset Strip is sensational!

If you have the chance to do a season in Ibiza, JUST DO IT!!!

Our thanks to Ed for a great insight into working in Ibiza.  Follow Ed at:


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  • Thanks for allowing me the chance to appear on your great blog! Keep up the great work and the love of Ibiza! See you on The White Isle soon!

  • Loving the site …..finding some great information from people that know the beauty of Ibiza and not just the tourist idea of the Island . Thanks

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