An interview with Joe from The Fish Ibiza

Joe, The Fish ibiza

Joe, The Fish ibiza

The Fish Ibiza has become one of our regular stop off points in San Antonio.  A fantastic workers’ and Football bar and also home to the 1 Euro breakfast which seems to be high on the stable diet of San Antonio workers and equally loved by our little one.

With big changes this winter at The Fish Ibiza, we caught up with owner Joe for a pint and a chat about their big news and the up coming year in Ibiza.

Just before Christmas you moved to larger premises, what prompted the move?

Yes we have recently moved to a bigger location, the opening day was Halloween. It was a fantastic day and evening and we are used as the Pikes Pre Party.  Everyone dresses up and the bar decorations looked scarily good!

After a great second summer in that location I had been thinking about what we could do to improve The Fish for 2016 and to be honest in that location it was very limited. I had been looking around and by chance this place came available. It has a much better layout inside the bar and outside we have a swimming pool, huge terrace and an industrial barbecue so it was really a no brainer.

What extra facilities do you have as part of the new venue?

New for this year is the outdoor area with the BBQ and swimming pool.  There is a hotel above which will have very cheap workers rates for April and May so new or returning workers please feel free to message us for prices.

The new bar at The Fish Ibiza, San Antonio

The new bar at The Fish Ibiza, San Antonio

The Fish Ibiza has become synonymous as the bar for summer workers. With the move to the centre of where many of the workers stay in San Antonio do you see your popularity growing this year?

Definitely.  As you know personally, The Fish had become people’s ‘home from home’ over the last few years and with our move to a more central location near to other workers accommodation I can only see The Fish family getting bigger.  Especially as they can now come for their usual home comforts and still get themselves a tan! There really is no reason to leave!

Will you be holding recruitment days this year and what can people expect from them?

Again this year we will be hosting the recruitment days/workers parties every week throughout May. These days are fantastic for new and returning workers.

Different businesses, restaurants and bar owners/managers will be in attendance holding interviews and looking for potential employees for the summer. Not only that, it is a great way to meet new people especially if you are looking for other people to share with.

We will have cheaper than normal drinks to try and relax people a bit, the BBQ will be going and this year don’t forget your swimming gear! We can also help you with NIE numbers, Spanish phones and accommodation so it is well worth a visit.

We will be doing workers events like this throughout the whole summer. (dates to follow)

The Fish Ibiza pool, terrace and BBQ area

The Fish Ibiza pool, terrace and BBQ area

You are one of the very few bars that are open all year round in San Antonio. What is it really like in the winter as many of us get the impression it’s like a ghost town with the tumbleweed blowing across the empty streets?

The winter! If you ask anyone that lives here all year round they will tell you it is amazing as there are no tourists! My honest opinion is… it is great!

There is such a great community here working all summer that you never get to see and it’s their time to relax and enjoy the island. Don’t get me wrong the streets are dead but with so little choice of bars to go to you will always find a great atmosphere in the fish especially during happy hour and of course when the football’s on obviously!

The Council put on great events too.  After Christmas and new year you have ‘Flower Power’ and ‘La Movida’. A massive tent is put up down by the fountains with live 60’s 70’s and 80’s music.  It’s a real cheese fest but so much fun, everyone gets involved!

In February and March you also have in ‘Pintxos’ every Thursday  the whole town is out in force hopping on the sightseeing train and going from bar to bar eating and drinking. It’s great fun! You obviously have St Patrick’s and St George’s day as well.

Then it’s heads down and time to start planning for the summer! If anyone is planning on staying for the winter or even just visiting my advice is just do it!

The Ibiza winter community celebrating San Antonio's Flower Power festival

The Ibiza winter community celebrating San Antonio’s Flower Power festival

Having lived in San Antonio for the past few years do you feel the town is finally shaking off its unwarranted image and starting to become know for the beautiful resort it actually is?

I do think it is starting to shake it’s bad name. When you look at San Antonio you have the likes of the Sunset Strip and Ocean Beach giving it a more upmarket feel. But people still seem to slate the West End which is unfair.  Without the West End nobody would come here and be honest, no matter how long you’ve been here who doesn’t like a night out on the West End from time to time!

San Antonio is a beautiful place when you stop and look around, that is why so many of us decided to make our lives here.

Although in the summer you rarely get time to enjoy the island when the pace slows in winter where are your favourite places to visit?

There aren’t too many places open all year round, as you know but one that is, which both my fiancée  and I love is ‘Cotton Beach Club’.  It is set in a beautiful location with great food. I think that is what the winter is all about finding nice restaurants!

Other then that we just enjoy our bit of spare time by relaxing and taking walks with the dog around the island.

What are you most looking forward to in 2016 in Ibiza?

I am obviously really looking forward to the summer I cannot wait. I have so many plans and ideas, but being the massive football fan that I am I’m really looking forward to the Euros. I have some huge plans that I can’t tell you yet but it will be great fun, trust me!

There are a lot of rumours flying around about changes on the West End too and new things for San Antonio which I cannot wait to see materialise, if the rumours are true, San An is definitely on the up again.

If you could change one thing about San Antonio what would it be?

I think the one thing that San Antonio is missing is big club nights.  We all remember what Eden and Es Paradise used to do but it isn’t the same now and it’s a shame as other clubs are doing more which takes people out of San An. Hopefully the 2 big clubs we have on our doorstep will pick up again and keep people here.

For those first time visitors to the island apart from the Fish Ibiza what 3 places do you recommend they check out?

OK my 3 favourite places to visit whenever I have time or friends and family over are:

  1. Tapas restaurant: fantastic setting, great food and lovely owners. It is a must for me.
    2. Take a day trip to Formentera. I have actually only done it once as I don’t get the time but it was one of my favourite days ever!
    3. Ibiza Rocks (hotel and bar): You can’t beat seeing a band or act you love at Ibiza Rocks hotel it’s so close and intimate, plus it finishes at midnight so I can still get an early night! The bar had great food and drinks and when they have live acts there’s it’s just as good.

Lastly will the 1 euro breakfast still be on the menu for this summer season?

No the 1 Euro breakfast has gone… Only joking don’t worry course it will still be here! The 1 Euro breakfast is a big part of The Fish and what we are all about, cheap prices to look after the workers and tourists alike. The kitchen is a lot bigger here so expect a bigger menu but still at great prices.

The 1 euro breakfast which has become the stable diet of so many when working in Ibiza

The 1 euro breakfast which has become the stable diet of so many when working in Ibiza

A huge thank you to Joe for taking the time to chat to us, to keep up with all the going ons at The Fish Ibiza follow them on Facebook or Twitter and you can find the Fish Ibiza just off the West End on C/Rosalia, 2 Click for map

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