Are you ever too old to go clubbing in Ibiza?

Ibiza Super Club

Ibiza Super Club

Most if not all of us remember going to clubs in our younger years (80s and early 90s) and even being dragged out on the odd stag / hen do since those days.

The over driven speakers playing the latest cheesy chart hits one after the other, the drinks flowing and spilling, the insane shouting to be heard and the inevitable kebab on the way home. We all did it for a few years then we settled down got a real job, a mortgage a little one or two and the everyday humdrum began.

With the huge growth in the dance music scene in the last few years, with artists such as Martin Garrix and David Guetta topping the charts and being played on most if not all radio stations on your way to work isn’t it time you went clubbing properly in the mecca of dance, Ibiza?

Be warned this is far removed from the 80s nightclubs you remember. These are truly iconic Super Clubs with specific nights for specific artists or music genres and if you find yourself tapping your foot or even singing along to one of Guettas latest hits you will love it.

Ok so you’re convinced.

Am I too old?

My first visit to a super club I was mid 30s surrounded by mostly people in their 20s but I wasn’t the oldest by far and more importantly no one cares how old you are so no, no one is ever too old to experience the super clubs of Ibiza.


Childcare is available on Ibiza

Childcare is available on Ibiza

Yes it’s available across the island so if you want to combine a family holiday (yes Ibiza is much more than just a party island) to include a night out for yourselves it can be done.

They will even take care of the little ones the morning after so you can grab a few hours sleep before returning to your family holiday.

Opening Times

As much as there are evening venues in Ibiza such as Ibiza Rocks, Hard Rock Hotel and Ushuaia the true Super Clubs do not open until midnight. Yes you read that correctly midnight. We tend to try and arrive around half past midnight before the queues are really long and the clubs get too busy so we can grab a prime spot.

We also always have a quiet lazy day on the beach and a relaxed evening beforehand, it definitely helps.

Getting to the club

As much as you can take a taxi, hotel to club door we always go on the disco bus which travel across the island from just before Midnight and continue through the night. Its a great way to start the night travelling on a bus packed full of people all sharing the same passion for music chatting, singing and making new friends.

What to wear

What to wear Clubbing Ibiza

What to wear

The only rule we have ever come across is no football shirts, bar that it is anything goes from the smallest and tightest to most flamboyant outfit you could imagine. We go dressed comfortably, lightweight T shirt, light weight trousers / shorts (with button pockets for valuables) and comfy trainers, its Ibiza you will get hot and sweaty.

Ticket Prices

The prices are not comparable to a local nightclub these are truly gigs in themselves with huge name artists playing so be prepared to pay anywhere from 50 euros upwards per ticket. We buy online before hand to guarantee our tickets and they tend to be a little cheaper than the ticket booths in and around Ibiza.

Be aware we have been asked for ID on entry before so it’s wise to carry some with you, it’s actually a requirement of Spanish law to carry ID at all times -a point often overlooked by people holidaying in Spain.

VIP Areas

Most Super Clubs have VIP areas for a few euros more and even VVIP areas for a lot of euros more. If it’s your first time I would advise paying the extra, it means you have somewhere away from the masses a chance of a seat and somewhere to take 5 if you need it.

Drink Prices

I hope you’re sitting down at this point drinks are expensive to the point of very expensive, two vodka and red bulls cost us 50 euros in Amnesia but a bottle of beer is around 12 euros and water 10 euros, but it has its blessings firstly no one can afford to get drunk and the chances of being covered in spilt drinks is unlikely as everyone protects their precious purchases.


These clubs are incredible, the lighting and sound systems are something to behold with professional lighting jocks and sound engineers working furiously away to get the music to sound as it was intended and lighting production which is art in itself.

Some have unique quirks like Amnesia‘s mega ice cannons which fire compressed Co2 into the crowd lowering the room temperature in an instant.  It’s an amazing feeling when your dancing away and ever so slightly refreshing as it rushes over you.

Inside an Ibiza Super Club

Inside an Ibiza Super Club

Yes the club will be packed, hot and sweaty when the top Djs go on but everyone there is for one reason and one reason only – their passion for the music and you will find yourself being lost in the moment over and over again as night turns into day (most clubs open until sunrise).

It truly is an incredible experience and one which cannot be found anywhere else in the world so step back to your youth and take it one more club experience you, Ibiza won’t disappoint.


  • Hi

    is it easy to find a babysitter ?


    • Hi Dennis,

      If you search Google for Ibiza baby sitter several agencies come up all charge around 20 euros per hour.


  • Hi Tristan
    Are there any family friendly beach or pool parties that families with young teens can go to? We all like avicci, gueta, harris, garrix etc but most places seem to cater to 18 plus. We are staying near San Antonio and someone mentioned Café Mambo, but are there other outdoor beach or pool type places which play clubbing music where you can dance?
    Cheers, Ian

  • Ibiza was good for a while I went in 1988 and you got eurobeat and early house and a hippie/ alternative scene, that no longer exists, all those people are really old or dead now, its now just a ripoff from June to September, however come September end you get grey haired hippie types and old ravers turning up listening to eurobeat early trance funk n soul and early disco, believe me its the best the beaches are packed with 40s and 50s original ravers, youngsters take note we started this not you, you don’t own the scene we created the DJs and music and dancing moves, we paved the way, yea EDM is OK, however you don’t dress up or dance like we did, our generation was easily the best, we had youth cults you all dress the same. That’s my spin on it.

  • Well I’d think that technically you’re never “too old” to do anything as long as you don’t care what other people think.

    If you’re 60 and you wanna go clubbing in Ibiza, I say go for it.

  • I went to privilege in 1996 age 31 awesome club danced my socks off jumped in the pool ( not sure if that’s still there) 20 years on me and my wife will return and be Kevin’s parents from Kevin and Perry go large… and my son is ginger ?

  • Hi Ive been to Ibiza on several occasions and absolutely love the place with or without the kids, We are thinking(my wife and 2 daughters age 6 and 13) of booking up to go within the 24th of September till the 8th of October 2017. Could anyone tell me if the bars on sunset strip will still be open throughout this time. I know their are still closing parties on in some big clubs on until the second week of October, but I wont have the luxury of getting to any clubs this time. Sunset strip is one of my favorite places I have ever been and I probably wont book up if these bars will be closed during this time. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Brian,

      Thank you for the question, yes the sunset strip will still be open in full. Normally the bars close mid-October, last year Cafe Mambo closed on the 15th October so you will be in luck.
      Best wishes

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