8 Fun Parties in Ibiza 2018 by Alexandra Rose

8 Fun Parties in Ibiza 2018

Fun Parties in Ibiza 2018

Not everyone comes to Ibiza for the big named Dj’s, but all of us love a great night out so we have chosen 8 fun Ibiza parties in Ibiza 2018 for you to enjoy.

Whether you’re over for a stag do, birthday, hen do or just a group of mates on holiday, we’ve got the best places for your tribe to party whilst on The White Isle.

The added bonus, of course, is that you get to visit the world’s most iconic clubs and soak up the unique experience they offer, listen to some great music, have a real laugh and pay a little less than the big named nights on offer. Read more

Things to do when the rain & cold hit Ibiza by Alexandra Rose

Top things to do when the rain and cold hit Ibiza by Alexandra Rose

Things to do in bad weather Ibiza

The white isle is known for it’s beautiful sunshine and long, hot summer nights, but occasionally the rain & cold hit Ibiza.

As spectacular as the thunderstorms can be, when the thunder and lighting bring a new dimension to the island and the waves are whipped up into a frenzy it can really dampen your spirits. Especially if you’re only visiting for a short time.

Thankfully there is still so much to do in Ibiza when a ‘beach day’ isn’t looking possible. Read more