Exploring the North of Ibiza on Horseback by Tanya Taylor

Exploring the North of Ibiza on Horseback

Exploring Ibiza on Horseback

My sister Becci and I have been visiting Ibiza for over five years now. Our reasons for coming back each year, are much the same as everyone else’s: endless sunshine, pristine beaches and of course the incredible party scene.

There are so many things to be enjoyed here, it’s hard to fit everything in. I’ve always had this niggling feeling though, that there is still more to be discovered on the island.

On my last visit I was determined to seek out these other hidden secrets. I love horses and have been riding since I was ten so It seemed only natural for me to check out the horse riding scene in Ibiza. Read more

Las Dalias Ibiza by Tanya Taylor

Las Dalias Ibiza

Las Dalias Ibiza

This year the alternative social hub of the north, that is Las Dalias Ibiza, celebrates 65 years of providing diverse musical and culinary delights to passing tourists and locals alike.

It’s home to the world famous Hippy Market where every Saturday people flock to San Carlos to be immersed in the glittering curiosities on display.

In peak season up to 20,000 people pass through its doors making it one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island. Read more

Es Broll de Buscastell Ibiza by Tanya Taylor

Es Broll de Buscastell Ibiza

Es Broll de Buscastell Ibiza

The small hamlet of Buscastell can be found nestled away in the outer reaches of San Antonio between Santa Gertrudis and Sant Ines. It’s a tiny little place vacant of clubs, hotels, beaches and glittering souvenir shops.

There’s not a lot to be found there and that’s why it’s often overlooked by the visiting masses. There is one thing though that puts this little place on the map, an impressive 1500-year-old irrigation system that’s still fully functioning today. Read more

The Tastes of Ibiza by Tanya Taylor

The Tastes of Ibiza

The Tastes of Ibiza

Ibiza is a tiny Island which means in the past it would’ve had to be pretty self-sustaining at times so we thought we’d bring you just a few of the tastes of Ibiza.

Although the land can look pretty dry and barren in the summer, it is surprisingly fertile. A closer look at the landscape will reveal an array of fruiting trees and wild herbs growing abundantly.

Over the years the Ibicencos have incorporated these Mediterranean flavours into interesting and tasty dishes unique to the island. Read more

A visit to Tanit’s Cave Ibiza by Tanya Taylor

A visit to Tanit’s Cave

A visit to Tanit’s Cave

Even if you haven’t a clue who Tanit is, I’m sure if you’re a regular visitor to the island then you would’ve caught her name in passing at some point.

Her legacy can be found all over the island in the names of Bars, Hotels, Restaurants, there’s even a driving school named in her honour.

Tanit is a Goddess, more specifically, she is the Goddess of Ibiza. It was the Phonecians, some of the first settlers on the island who brought her here way back in the fifth century BC. Read more

What to do in Ibiza in the Winter by Tanya Taylor

What to do in Ibiza In the Winter by Tanya Taylor

Ibiza In the Winter

The winter months here on Ibiza bring with them the feeling of peaceful isolation, a dramatic contrast to the swarming summer season. Most bars and restaurants are closed, the beaches and roads are empty and the population is reduced to a tiny trickle, compared to the constant heavy flow of people traffic in summer.

It’s quiet that’s for sure, and you certainly won’t find a party calendar or many options for a night out. Read more