Beaches a little further away from San Antonio Ibiza

Cala Gracioneta near San Antonio

Cala Gracioneta near San Antonio Ibiza

For those visiting Ibiza for the sun, sea and sand here are our favourite beaches all within easy reach of San Antonio, but require either a little extra walking or a ferry trip to get to.

Our top tip when visiting these beaches is to pick up some snorkelling gear beforehand and make the most of the Mediterranean Sea by exploring underwater.  There are many wonder to behold, from the Posidonia Oceanicato to the abundance of fish and other marine life.

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Cala Gracioneta

To the north of San Antonio a short 10 minute walk from  Cala Gracio is the beach of Cala Gracioneta.  If you’re a confident swimmer then you can cut out the extra walk by swimming across form Cala Gracio.

A little smaller than Cala Gracio it has a beautiful sandy beach which is surrounded by shady trees,  The soft sand gently leads up to  El Chiringuito restaurant.

The beach slopes down to the sea and with its shallow water it is perfect for snorkelling alongside the rocky outcrop and is a great beach for families.

Arrive before midday to get your prime position as it is popular with the locals in the afternoon.

Cala Salada / Cala Saladeta / Cala Saladita

A little further north and requiring either a car or ferry trip (every other day) is the beautiful beach of Cala Salada.

It is a true gem and although, when you arrive, all you will see is a very rocky narrow beach, look to your right and climb up over the rocks and follow the little path over the cliff which will lead you down onto the golden sand known locally to some as “Paradise Beach” or Cala Saladeta / Cala Saladita.

It’s quite small in nature, and is unserviced but it is spectacular.  From the white sand to the crystal clear waters which are perfect for snorkelling it’s just beautiful. The shallow waters beside the cliffs are great for paddling and swimming.

There is no need to take refreshments as on most days inventive locals are on hand to serve freshly made baguettes, pasties, soft drinks and cocktails from iceboxes.  Something we feel is one of those, “only in Ibiza” things.

Looking out over Cala Salada Ibiza

Looking out over Cala Salada Ibiza

Cala Bassa

To the west of San Antonio, and about 20 mins by ferry (15 by car with ample parking), is the beach of Cala Bassa.  This is one of the best maintained and well serviced beaches with all the facilities you could think of (Sunbeds, Parasols, showers, toilets, restaurants, massages, lifeguards) they even have DJ’s playing Balearic beats at the Calla Bassa Beach Club which sound flows across the beach.

The beach is about 300 meters long x 40 meters and is more of a golden colour than white, but it has shallow waters with a few smooth rocks.  Although not the best beach for snorkelling in our opinion, you will see plenty of fish and marine life here.

With wooden walkways it is ideal for the disabled or those in push chairs giving you easy access to everything. Whilst it isn’t a quiet beach, there is something for all here.

Cala Bassa Beach Ibiza

Cala Bassa Beach Ibiza A great beach for all

Cala Conta

Further round to the west you will find Cala Conta, one of the most spectacular beaches in Ibiza. It is easily reachable by car, bus or ferry. It is well serviced with all that you need to have a great day at the beach.

There are spectacular views out to the many small islands off Ibiza and it is also very popular at sunset with the beach filling up and boats anchoring offshore.

The beach itself is divided in two, one by the sand dunes the other by the rocky cliffs.  The water is truly crystal clear and it is incredible for snorkelling where you will see the true wonders of the sea.

This beach is very popular and we advise arriving early in the morning to get the best spot. A small cafe overlooks the beaches serves great value food all day long.

The islands off Cala Conta Ibiza

The islands off Cala Conta Ibiza

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