Big changes in San Antonio Ibiza for 2016

An exciting year ahead for San Antonio

San Antonio Ibiza

During the last week two major changes have been announced in San Antonio to help improve the town for the upcoming summer season.

In a bid to make the town more inviting and to get those visiting to explore a little more of the town, there is a plan to move the evening craft market from Passeig de ses Fonts (beside the fountains), to s’Era d’en Manyà, (the square where the Ship Inn is located).

There will still be a craft market held in the Passeig de ses Fonts on Friday afternoons throughout the summer season.

Those who run the craft stalls are uncomfortable with the change of location which moves them from the main front of San Antonio where they have been for the last 30 years to further into the town.  However,  the idea seems to be to try and reinvigorate the whole of the shopping area of San Antonio.

San Antonio evening craft market is on the move

San Antonio evening craft market is on the move

The hope is that as people seek out the evening market they will pass by other shops and cafes that they may have not found when visiting the market on the fro.  It is hoped to increase trade for all, as well as keep the market a thriving attraction for visitors and locals alike.

Our thanks to Martin Makepeace (Maninsanan) for additional details on this story

The other big change announced this week is that shops and supermarkets will no longer be able to sell alcohol between the hours of Midnight and 0800 am.

This means that when you have finished in the West End or at a Super Club you will no longer be able to grab a couple more beers and head to the beach in San Antonio to continue the party until dawn.

The West End San Antonio Ibiza

The West End San Antonio Ibiza

This might be a little sad for some of those that want to party all night long and into the next day but the upside should be that the smaller bars and businesses will keep their customers for longer around the town and that the rubbish left on the beaches in the morning will be much less than it has been in recent years.

It also means that for the first time in a very long time San Antonio will actually have a few hours of “dry time” where alcohol will not be available from any outlet.

Both proposals will have a 30 day consultation period before coming into effect where minor tweaks may be made however both are expected to be put in place ahead of this year’s summer season.


  • Please can any one help me on how to get a pitch at this market or any other artisan markets. Thank you

  • Strictly speaking shops have never been allowed to sell alcohol after midnight but have done so anyway as the law was unenforceable by the local police. This has now changed and the police are able to enforce the law finally. So this is not such a huge change from a legal standpoint only that the shops knew they could ignore the laws in place and that they could then profit from it.
    This change is a positive change and a very welcome one.

    • Thank you for the additional information, we did wonder as we have seen some of the shops have notices up saying no sale of alcohol after midnight but thought it was license specific to them.

      We agree a good move for the town as a whole and will hopefully help the bars keep the customers for a little longer and not have the parties spill out into other areas of the town and beaches.

  • The stall holders will have a big problem in setting up and parking their vehicles with stock on board! I see the change as a problem. On the other hand a ban on selling drink after midnight will be good! Tourists will only buy earlier though!

  • I agree with the no booze to be sold in shops after midnight to the market part if near the ship inn were would all the stalls go plus cars to take all stock n so on that area is small i fort and would it be easily advetised so everyone will no were to go i mean torists x

  • I see no logic in moving the stalls to the square whatsoever. The logistical issue aside, a lot of people will be put off by having to navigate the West End minefield i.e families with young children.

    What’s happening in place down at the fountains then? Building a new Ushuaia??

    Also most supermarkets had a cut off time for selling alcohol anyway, people will just stock up beforehand and it will also open the doors to ‘dial a drink’ style businesses where people will deliver alcohol to whoever wants it anyway so The only real losers here are the shopkeepers in my opinion.

  • I am coming in May – when do the evening markets start in San Antonio – is it June or will they be there in May – don’t remember seeing them last year but not sure I was about on the Friday.

    • Hi Carrie,

      Last year there were moved from the main Passeig de ses Fonts where the fountains are to much closer to the Egg roundabout but on the same stretch. Last year plans where put in place to move them to the square at the top of the west end but as yet we have no confirmation if this will actually happen. The evening market usually runs from early May daily except for Sundays but it is quite small (about 15 stalls in 2016).
      If we get any further news for this year we will let you know.

      Best wishes


      • cheers Tristan. Would like to go for a nose about. We are ther from 10th may

        • Excellent will pass on the info when we have it.
          Also if you can the large hippy market at Punta Arabí on Wednesday’s or Las Dalias on Saturdays are well worth visiting.

          Best wishes


          • Planning on going to,the hippy market on Wednesday. And hoping to go to the hippy drummers on Sunday at the beach near San Miguel if I can find a decent taxi fair there and back haha. We can’t make the boat so need to go a bit later

          • Perfect the Wednesday one is by far the biggest on the island. The drums at Benirras beach are truly special, taxi wise expect to pay around 30 euros each way maybe cheaper to hire a car for the day if we are honest and go exploring the island a little more too.

            Best wishes


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