Bloop International Proactive Arts Festival 2015 Ibiza

Bloop International Proactive Arts Festival

Bloop International Proactive Arts Festival

The Bloop International Proactive Arts Festival is returning to San Antonio for its fifth successful year and will take place from the 15th July through to the 16th August.  It is designed to be a one-month long celebration of art for everyone in Ibiza with this year’s theme being Multiverse & Parallel Universes.

The Multiverse and Parallel Universes has been chosen as it is something that has sparked human curiosity throughout time. Philosophers, mathematicians, physicists, thinkers, artists, astronomists and numerous other experts have tackled the theme in their own way, and now Bloop are bringing their own unique take to the discussion.

BLOOP 2015 invites everyone to reflect on questions such as do parallel universes exist? What are they like? How can we ever interact with them? Where are we? Is the Deja vu a sign of a parallel universe? Is there really an infinite set of “presents”?

And whilst the subject matter of Multiverse & Parallel Universes can seem somewhat mind blowing the artists from around the world are coming together to bring their own artistic interpretation in a unique and fun way to this intriguing subject matter.

Bloop’s Headquarters are located at the Old Lighthouse (Far de ses Coves Blanques) in San Antonio beside the Sunset Strip.  This is where many of the events will be held including Artist Exhibitions, Bloop n Sunsets (Sunset Music Session) and Bloop Kids workshops which are all free and open to everyone to attend. (Tuesday through – Saturday 7pm till 11pm)

Their most famous and widely known event is the Open Air Gallery which consist of huge murals that are painted on the side of buildings within San Antonio.  During the festival there will be a few more being added to the unique canvas of San Antonio.

Street Art in San Antonio, Ibiza

Open Air Gallery in San Antonio, Ibiza Part of the Bloop Festival

The opening and closing parties will be held at Forma Coffee, Design and Inspiration (San Antonio Bay) as well as other events including the Multiverse Cinema and Ableton Live workshop.

Bloop’s star event is the Bloop Drive in where locals and tourists alike can enjoy the Bloop Festival’s collaboration entitled The Wizard of Oz in an old school open air drive in location on 19th July and 14 August.  The film the Wizard of Oz promises to provide viewers with a visual feast of universes, (both our and Oz’s) from past and present and promises to bring the true art of the Cinema to everyone.

For a full list of all the events on offer and venue locations please visit or on Facebook

And if you spot another mural being painted please let us know we are huge fans of the open air gallery.


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