British Police could be on the beat in San Antonio, Ibiza this year

Brits Abroad

Brits Abroad

Although not a done deal this upcoming summer could see British police officers taking to the streets of San Antonio in a bid to combat antisocial behaviour and drugs.

Recent comments from Ibizian officials state that “discussions are progressing well and local hoteliers have offered free accommodation to help”.

There is also the possibility that the British police may provide intelligence to their Spanish counterparts to help combat drugs on the island.

As much as we have seen hardly any of this behaviour, we do tend to avoid these areas when we are there as a family, I think it would be great to see Bobby’s in Ibiza.

I feel this would make the Police more approachable to Brits on holiday, keep younger ones more in check and hopefully tackle what is becoming a seemingly growing problem of drugs on the island.

Do you think British police on the streets of San Antonio is a good or bad idea?

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  • No tenía ni idea de esto, muchas gracias por la información. Es muy interesante, pero no me queda muy claro porque se encargará de ello la policía británica.

    I had no idea of this, thank you very much for the information. It is very interesting, but I am not very clear because it is responsible British police

    • Ellos hicieron un juicio semana en San Antonio para ver si estarían una edición servicial a la seguridad actual y la policía de la ciudad.

      La esperanza es que tengan Policía británicos patrullando junto a la Guardia Civil que pueden ayudar con la comunicación y ayudar a los necesitados de vacaciones desde el Reino Unido.

      Tendremos que esperar hasta el próximo año para ver si el juicio se expande a más oficiales y más horas.

      They did a weeks trial in San Antonio to see if they would be a helful edition to the current security and policing of the town.

      The hope is that having British Police patroling alongside the civil guardia they can help with communication and aid those in need on holiday from the UK.

      We shall have to wait until next year to see if the trial is expanded to more officers and longer hours.

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