Cafe Del Mar Lounge Ibiza Airport

Cafe del Mar Lounge Ibiza Airport

Cafe del Mar Lounge

Leaving Ibiza after a few days, a week or two or even longer is, without doubt, one of the lowest parts of everyone’s lives and the low point of the holiday.

Leaving behind the magic, the music, the good times  is hard but all is not lost, well not at the airport at least.

Formerly the F*** me I’m Famous Lounge this year sees Gates 9 and 10 rebranded as the Cafe Del Mar Lounge. (named after one of the famous bars that adorns the Sunset Strip)  It’s a beautiful area, away from the hustle and bustle of the departure lounge,  to have that one last drink in comfort and listen to one last set before you fly home.

The style is completely differently from the lounge’s previous incarnation with disco balls and strobe lights moving over to a more relaxed simple yet stylish theme.  The lighting and  floor which reflects a swimming pool style helping you unwind and relax in comfort with the music playing for one last time.

The Café Del Mar Lounge serves a  great range of drinks, sandwiches, sushi and pastries and the comfortable seating ensures that you can enjoy your last few moments in Ibiza in luxury and style and not on one of those plastic seats found in Departures.  Waiting for a delayed flight?  Don’t worry, just head over to the Café Del Mar Lounge and wait in comfort.

With live departure information displayed on screens throughout the lounge you won’t miss your flight when your gate is called and there’s even the chance to do some last minute shopping and buy some Café Del Mar merchandise too.


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