Can You Escape from the Escape Rooms Ibiza?

Escape Rooms Ibiza

Escape Rooms Ibiza

Imagine the setting, you are locked in a room with a group of friends or family, surrounded by props, a clock starts, a 60 minute countdown to an unknown fate.

Can you work together to search the room for clues, solve the riddles, decipher the puzzles, complete the challenges and escape the room before the time runs out?

This is the concept of a fantastic new attraction in Ibiza Town called Escape Rooms in which you and your friends are challenged to enter a room, solve the clues riddles and puzzles in under an hour to escape your fate.

With four different themed rooms to choose from this makes a fantastic challenge for all to experience and enjoy.

Mad Scientist

The mad scientist has captured you and your team! You have woken up in the dark trapped in a cell. Can you escape his lab before he returns and starts his experiments on you.

The Sherlock Room

Sherlock Holmes is organizing a secret operation to dismantle once and for all to the most dangerous criminal organization led by Professor Moriarty and Sherlock needs your help.

Your skills of deduction, reasoning, intuition and observation will be tested to see if you are up for the job.

Prove to Sherlock you are up for defeating Moriarty at Escape Rooms Ibiza

Prove to Sherlock you are up for defeating Moriarty at Escape Rooms Ibiza

The Zombie Apocalypse

Nostradamus was right! He predicted that Ibiza would be the last refuge on Earth after the apocalypse. Ibiza has become a place where humans struggle for survival. You’re one of the few who remain after the zombie virus.

Your mission is to enter a secret compound in Dalt Vila and recover the antidote to save what remains of humanity.


You are invited to the Mad Hatter’s tea party but Alice and the White Rabbit are nowhere to be seen? It is upside down and inside it is out, it is front to back and becomes more and more curious and nothing is what it seems.

What has happened to Alice and White Rabbit can you solve Wonderland

What has happened to Alice and White Rabbit? can you solve Wonderland

Can you find the detective in you to complete all the room’s challenges in the allotted time?

So if you are looking for something a little different in Ibiza, something to challenge your mind and get you working together try Escape Rooms Ibiza it does not disappoint.

Escape Rooms is suitable for those over 12 in small groups, families, friends groups or colleagues.

You can find full details on their website here or you can follow them on FaceBook here

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