Can it ever be too hot in Ibiza?

Can it be too hot in Ibiza

Too hot in Ibiza

This may sound like a strange question as many of us come to the island for the guaranteed wall to wall sunshine and the guaranteed temperatures.

In recent weeks it has truly been hot in Ibiza even by the islands standards with temperatures getting into the mid 40s on more than one occasion and as much as the “it’s a heatwave” has been replaced by people saying “its just hot” it does seem to have had an effect on businesses across the island.

We have only been here for a few days but asking people how they are doing we keep hearing the same response. May and June were great July not so much, and it got us thinking if the two were related.

As much as we all come to Ibiza for the weather when it’s exceptionally hot and the humidity is high being out in the midday sun like the mad english normally do, it can be unbearable. All you want to do is lounge by the pool taking a cooling dip now and then or even taking a few hours in your room to enjoy the luxury of air conditioning.

This seems to be having a profound effect for those businesses who rely on passing foot trade with people not out and about exploring the island as much as they would normally do.

That means that they’re not finding that tucked away cafe or seeing that must do boat trip or just taking a stroll to explore and spend a few euros in a cafe here and there as they go along.

As much as Ibiza is a small island it does offer an endless amount of activities and things to do and with over 7 million visitors expected to visit over the summer months there should be more than enough tourists to go around for all businesses to benefit.

However, if its just too hot to go exploring many people will just sit by the pool and take it easy in the midday sun meaning that the smaller less well advertised venues and activities are missing out on that all important passing trade. They may even just eat in the hotel, to save the hot sweaty walks to places new.

Hopefully the temperatures will drop slightly over the next few weeks so its a little more bearable for all including the islanders and the wealth that tourists bring to the island can be spread a little more evenly to all businesses.

I say all of this as i am sat sitting by the pool in the Hostal Marino typing away already sweating profusely feeling all clammy and sticky and the day has hardly started, it seems today is going to be another hot one in Ibiza.


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