What to do in Ibiza in the Winter by Tanya Taylor

What to do in Ibiza In the Winter by Tanya Taylor

Ibiza In the Winter

The winter months here on Ibiza bring with them the feeling of peaceful isolation, a dramatic contrast to the swarming summer season. Most bars and restaurants are closed, the beaches and roads are empty and the population is reduced to a tiny trickle, compared to the constant heavy flow of people traffic in summer.

It’s quiet that’s for sure, and you certainly won’t find a party calendar or many options for a night out. Read more

Ibiza is still the party capital of the world

Ibiza is still the party capital of the world

Ibiza the worlds best clubbing

Despite what some have been saying over recent months it is official Ibiza is still the party capital of the world.

The International Nightlife Association has released its rundown of the 100 Best Clubs in the World for 2018 and unsurprisingly Ibiza has come out on top and throughout the listings.

Out of the top 100 Ibiza claimed 13 spots from the island venues which is massive and topped the world by far with no other country even coming close. Read more

The perfect Ibiza Christmas gift

The perfect Ibiza Christmas gift

The perfect Ibiza Christmas gift

It is approaching the festive season and we believe we have found the perfect Ibiza Christmas gift for those that love the island with their everything and for those that yearn to be there forever but for their own reasons can only manage a few trips a year.

So whilst you cannot be there each and every month in person we think we have found a way you can enjoy Ibiza all year round and it doesn’t include following endless people on social media watching their endless streams of beautiful images and highlights of their wonderful Ibiza trips. Read more

A look back at Ibiza summer 2018

A look back at Ibiza summer 2018

Looking back on Ibiza 2018

It’s time to take a look back at Ibiza summer 2018 as the final parties take place and the summer bars, restaurants and hotels close their doors for one last time.

This summer in Ibiza has seen the start of change in a huge way, the way tourists interact with the island, a change in music tastes a change in how the island allows itself to be exploited, a change in attitude from locals and tourists alike.  It’s a change that runs deep and across the island. Read more

Christmas in Ibiza

Christmas in Ibiza

Christmas in Ibiza

Christmas in Ibiza is somewhat different than what we all face in the UK and represents more of the true spirit of Christmas.

Forget the stress and costly present hunting, the crowds of shoppers, the panic buying of groceries which will last you until mid March in Ibiza it is a much more relaxed affair.

Modest gifts, time with family and friends and long lazy days spent eating drinking and if there is a rare chill in the air cosying up alongside a roaring fire with a glass of Herbias or two. Read more

Amistat Hostel San Antonio Ibiza review – Priya Faith

Amistat Hostel San Antonio review

Amistat Hostel Ibiza review

I recently returned to Ibiza for another amazing trip, but this trip was a little different to previous.

It was part of a month-long journey around Europe and called for some serious budgeting, especially because Ibiza was the final stop!

Of course, it’s not the world’s easiest task finding a decent place to stay on the island during high season that is budget friendly… but for me Amistat offers just that!

During my trip I stayed in some pretty amazing hostels, as well as some pretty ropey places.  Amistat was up there with the best of the bunch, however, it was by far the most expensive (by a country mile) but was it worth it. Read more

The West End Ibiza in 2018

The West End Ibiza in 2018

The West End in 2018

This year we saw some monumental changes made by San Antonio council to the times that bars were allowed to have their terraces open and when they had to close.  So honestly, what effect has it had and what is the West End Ibiza like in 2018?

For those that don’t know the West End is not Ibiza.  It does not define Ibiza as much as the British media would like you to think.

It is actually defined as only 4 or 5 streets in San Antonio just off the waterfront and, for the past 30 plus years, it has been the epicentre of where many of the first timers to Ibiza head for a great laugh, cheap drinks and a choice of bars and venues to while the early hours away until 5am. Read more

Love Ibiza Now by Zoe Newlove

Love Ibiza Now

Love Ibiza Now

Every single day you read online or see somewhere on social media the impact that plastic is having on our oceans and environment. Plastic is a huge, global problem, and finally we are waking up to the cause and effects it is having, RIGHT NOW, on the world’s largest eco system, our ocean.

Today we wanted to talk to you about a non profit organisation, Love Ibiza Now, created to inspire a movement for a cleaner future. Read more

Stay Safe In Ibiza

Sunset from Chilli Pepper Charters

Stay safe in Ibiza

We all know that Ibiza is famed for its clubbing, partying and simply as an amazing holiday destination,  but with several tragic but avoidable deaths each year across the island here are a few tips to help make your trip to Ibiza that little safer.

First and foremost look after your mates and those who are travelling with you, make memories that last a lifetime not nightmares.

Read more

My love affair with Ibiza – how it all began

My love affair with Ibiza

My love affair with Ibiza

My love affair with Ibiza and this blog began by pure chance, about 10 years ago a dear friend of mine gave me some podcasts to listen to which included Trance Around The World as it was then by Above and Beyond and I loved it and became a fan of theirs.

A couple of years later we got the opportunity to see Above and Beyond live at Brixton Academy in London and had one of the best nights ever. We had our children young so clubbing and going to gigs had never featured in our lives but from the euphoria of that night we were desperate to see Above and Beyond again.

We looked through their tour dates and the only one which worked childcare and work wise was Amnesia in Ibiza flying out of Bournemouth on Monday and returning Friday with the gig itself on Thursday night so we booked without hesitation. Read more

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