The original Super Club of Ibiza

The original super club of Ibiza

The original super club of Ibiza

As the tourist boom of the 60s took hold the original Super Club of Ibiza was designed and built in the hills above San Jose.

At that time tourists arriving on the island were bused around and were a very captive audience, opening up much needed new opportunities for astute businesses across the island.

From researching about what many know as The Festival Club work originally started on the complex in 1969 on the hills above San Jose, which sits on the old road between Ibiza Town and San Antonio. Read more

Is this the end or the beginning of the West End

Is this the end or the beginning of the West End

The West End Ibiza is about to change

With new regulations being voted on this week to restrict the hours and operations of a small part of San Antonio, Ibiza we ask is this the end or the beginning of the West End.

For those that are not aware the West End in San Antonio is several streets in the heart of the town comprising of lots of bars, takeaways and a few shops.

Over recent years the local council have been trying to clean up the area, firstly by banning PR’s (people who stand outside venues talking to the public to persuade them to enter their place of business), then restricting the hours of opening and especially the hours the terraces (seating areas outside) could be in place. Read more

An evening of making Ibiza Hierbas by Zoe Newlove

An evening of making Ibiza Hierbas

An evening of making Ibiza Hierbas

Have you ever wondered what on earth the herbal tasting yellow liquid is that you are presented with after every lunch or dinner here in Ibiza? What exactly is this Hierbas stuff you’re drinking? And why is it so popular here in Ibiza?

Want to learn more about this liqueur? Then read on.

Towards the end of last summer, I was invited to attend a Hierbas workshop, at Kasbah in San Antonio. This workshop was hosted by a company called The Drinks Workshop, founded by Philip Thomas.

Read more



Ibiza News February 2018

Another exciting month of announcements from everyone’s favourite island with lots to go through, so with no delay here is the Ibiza news roundup for February 2018.

We start with some fantastic environmental news which came in two parts, the first is the Balearic islands as a whole want to ban single-use plastic items by 2020.

Items include plastic cups, plates and cutlery, straws, disposable razors, lighters and coffee machine capsules which have become a blight on the beaches and coves of the islands where it washes up from people incorrectly disposing of it. Read more

The Ibiza Almond Blossom by Zoe Newlove

The Ibiza Almond Blossom by Zoe Newlove

The Ibiza Almond Blossom

The Ibiza Almond Blossom is as famous in winter as the club scene is in summer. It is at this time of year, between January and February that the precious white flowers spring into bloom.

Signifying the coming of spring with the warming weather as the days get longer and the sun higher it is one of those magical spectacles the island offers everyone.

If you are fortunate enough to be on the island in Winter, it simply is a must do experience. Read more

An Ibiza Boat trip money can’t buy.

A unique Ibiza boat trip

A truly unique Ibiza boat trip

Sometimes it’s all about who you know and being in the right place at the right time in life. This was one of those moments when we took an Ibiza boat trip money can’t buy earlier this year.

For those that don’t know since our very first trip to Ibiza, we have become great lovers of Chilli Pepper Charters’ boat trips based in San Antonio.

They run relaxed afternoon and sunset boat trips in an old wooden vessel suitable for up to 20 people and have always been so welcoming to us, our family and friends. Read more

The fascinating story of the Ibiza lost resort

The fascinating story of Ibiza lost resort

Ibiza lost resort

Whilst out exploring recently we stumbled upon a beautiful beach with a rather unique abandoned complex above it.  Here’s the fascinating story of the Ibiza lost resort.

In the far north of the island near Portinax is a beautiful little horseshoe shaped beach called Cala d’en Serra surrounded by high pine covered cliffs with crystal clear waters.  This beach was once named one of Europe’s top beaches by the Guardian newspaper.

It is, of course,  much like many of the smaller beaches across Ibiza but what makes this truly special is the abandoned resort situated just meters above the beach. Read more

Flying British Airways to Ibiza

Flying British Airways to Ibiza

British Airways to Ibiza

For those of us who only ever use low-cost airlines, on our recent trip flying British Airways to Ibiza was something of a revelation both in comfort and price.

Taking a winter trip to Ibiza from UK regional airports means no direct flights so we either have to fly via Palma or Barcelona but having looked at the prices and times we opted for the drive to London for the only direct flight to the island in Winter.

Flying out of London City Airport British Airways do one round trip a day, except Tuesdays, under their CityFlyer brand. Read more

A winter trip to Ibiza

A winter trip to Ibiza

Winter in Ibiza

This week we embarked on our first ever true winter trip to Ibiza something that we have been wanting to do for many years.

We took the 4-hour drive from home to London to catch the only direct flight to Ibiza from the UK in the winter with British Airways.

A little more classy than the budget airlines with bigger, comfier seats, complimentary breakfast and a quiet flight with a true mix of passengers from families to OAP’s and everything in between. Read more

An Ibiza retreat with a difference with Inside Retreats

An Ibiza retreat with a difference

An Ibiza retreat with a difference

Over recent years health and well-being retreats on the white isle have become commonplace but we would like to introduce an Ibiza retreat with a difference with Inside Retreats

Yes, of course, it will focus on your own health and wellbeing as well as allowing you to relax and soak up the Mediterranean sun,  but Inside Retreats will also provide you with more of a taste of Ibiza giving you the chance to take hikes, beach trips, visit the hippy markets, Dalt Vila in Ibiza Town and even gives you the opportunity to enjoy one of the world’s most renowned nightspots on the island. Read more

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