8 Reasons why Ibiza is the best place to live

Cala Salada Ibiza

Ibiza is true healthy living

Many of us may only visit the island for a few days or a week at a time taking in the wonders and excesses that go with being away from home, but for the lucky few that live there Ibiza may well be the best place to live on earth.

I am not saying its totally stress free. I mean having to earn your whole year’s living in a 5 month summer season cannot be easy, but here are my 8 reasons why Ibiza is just a better place to live. Read more

A new extreme way to visit Ibiza

A new extreme way to visit Ibiza

A new way to visit Ibiza

With the ever changing way people are visiting Ibiza, we have now heard several examples of a new extreme way to visit the island and enjoy the best Ibiza has to offer.

To read up on the way those visiting the white isle are changing read this excellent post by Martin Makepeace here “Record Arrivals for Ibiza but Where’s the Money?

However, there is now an emerging extreme way that people are visiting the island. Read more

Tunnel to connect San Antonio to San Antonio Bay Ibiza

Tunnel to connect San Antonio to San Antonio Bay Ibiza

A new glass tunnel to connect San An

Today San Antonio Council have announced ambitious plans to build a tunnel across the bay to connect San Antonio to San Antonio Bay Ibiza.

The tunnel which will be made of glass will join the two areas of the town between the sunset strip and Cala de Bou and will run for a distance of 1.5km under the sea.

The idea is to better connect the two areas of the town for not only the residents but for the large number of tourists who stay in San Antonio Bay but never venture into the town of San Antonio, giving them quick and direct access. Read more

10 More Music Videos Filmed in Ibiza

10 More Music Videos Filmed in Ibiza

More Ibiza music videos

After the interest sparked by our 10 music videos filmed in Ibiza post, we are now able to bring you 10 more music videos filmed in Ibiza.

Some are well known.  Some showcase the delights of the island and some are just a little bizarre (you’ll know which one when you watch it).

As always if you have any more please post in the comments section below or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook. Read more

10 reasons you have spent one too many nights in Shenanigans Ibiza

10 reasons you have spent one too many nights in Shenanigans Ibiza

Have you spent one too many nights at Shenanigans Ibiza?

Shenanigans Ibiza opened in the West End of San Antonio last year and instantly became a huge hit with the locals and tourists alike.

A true Irish pub with a fantastic atmosphere live music and some of the friendliest staff in Ibiza, a place that once you enter you will never want to leave.

However, occasionally you can have too much of a good thing so here are our top 10 reasons that may indicate you have spent one too many nights in Shenanigans Ibiza. Read more

The Problem With August in Ibiza

The problem with August in Ibiza

The problem with August in Ibiza

You may have seen many comments on social media or heard people in bars complaining or moaning about the problem with August in Ibiza.

It has to be said for anyone who doesn’t live on the Island that moaning about Ibiza in August feels well just rude.  To us non islanders Ibiza is paradise, endless sandy beaches, very few days of rain, incredible sunsets, the best clubs in the world, great food, great drinks and the list goes on.

For us outsiders it is unfathomable that anyone should ever complain  about living in Ibiza, but let me let you into a little secret – August is truly hell on earth for the residents of Ibiza and here is why. Read more

Santa Eulalia and the Ugliest Swinger in Town!

The Familiars of Santa Eulalia

The Familiars of Santa Eulalia

Santa Eulalia is one of the most vibrant resorts on the island with its bustling cosmopolitan town, blue flag beaches and recently opened Nikki Beach Club only a walk away.

It’s a perfect destination for families or those who want a more relaxed experience than the major resorts on the clubbing scene have to offer.

Many people return year after year once they have enjoyed their first holiday here, but one little fellow in particular has burst back onto the scene in the town after many, many years absence.

Very small and stooped and frankly decidedly ugly this little guy is taking the resort by storm. He´s cute, in a Rumpelstiltskin sort of a way, Read more

San Antonio to Ban the Under 40’s

Under 40s Banned

Under 40s Banned

After several announcements in recent weeks to changes in San Antonio Ibiza, this morning we have learnt of a new ordnance (by-law) to ban all those under the age of 40 from the resort.

San Antonio has for years been the major party hotspot of the island, attracting young people from across Europe but it has caused the town problems from noise at all hours to unruly drunken behaviour on the streets.

The Press / media officer for San Antonio Abril Tonto said “For far too long we have attracted the same crowd to the town and we feel it is time we took drastic measures to combat the noise, the drunkenness and the excesses of youth. Read more

10 Music Videos Filmed In Ibiza

Ibiza in Spring

Ibiza Music Videos

With Ibiza being the club and EDM capital of Europe, it comes as no surprise that many a music video has been shot on the island.

It’s the perfect get-away for bands and DJ’s alike to enjoy the island, do a little work, make a video and all on their music label’s expenses account.

The most well known music video is Wham Club Tropicana of which the majority of the video was filmed at Pikes Hotel just outside of San Antonio. But here we give you another 10 music videos filmed in Ibiza, some are well known and some not as well known. Read more

10 more things you may not know about Ibiza

Hierbas Ibiza in a bottle

Hierbas Ibiza in a bottle

In one of our earlier blogs we did a fun “10 things you may not know about Ibiza” which you can read here, everyone loved it so…

Today we bring you 10 More Things You May Not know about Ibiza some are obscure, some people may know but all are fun and will give you great knowledge and make you look good next time anyone mentions Ibiza in conversation.

1.Heribas, the drink of Ibiza which is an aniseed-flavoured liqueur, is made from herb and plant extracts grown across the island. It was developed and first used by the monks of the island in the middle ages for medical purposes. Today 1.2 million litres are made annually. Read more

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