Interview with Max Viva Ibiza worker and resident

Interview with Max Viva Ibiza worker and resident

Interview with Max Viva

Max Viva is a seasoned Ibiza worker having spent 7 summers working on the island. He now plays an active role in promoting and running Viva Bar in San Antonio a fantastic workers and open deck venue. He also DJ’s at a number of venues across the island.

We sat down with Max over a Sunday afternoon beer at the Fish to chat about living and working in Ibiza, Ibiza itself and the future for the west end.

Why and when did you first arrive in Ibiza and where did you start your Ibiza career? Read more

Interview with Nick from IbizaHire supplying all your Ibiza needs

Interview with Nick from ibizahire

IbizaHire supplying everything Ibiza

IbizaHire is a one stop shop for all your Ibiza needs from villas to club tickets, luxury airport transfers to sunset boat trips, to arranging a bespoke party or wedding on the island these guys are the go-to people for everything.

They have been arranging, organising and helping people create their perfect holiday in Ibiza since 2002 and are able to create the most amazing memories no matter what your requirements and requests.

We sat down with Nick Head of Operations of Ibiza Hire to find out more about the services they offer to those visiting and about their true love of Ibiza. Read more

The Skinny Kitchen Ibiza Interview

The Skinny Kitchen Ibiza Interview

The Skinny Kitchen Ibiza Interview

The Skinny Kitchen Ibiza took the island by storm when it opened in 2014 in the West End of San Antonio offering a healthy alternative to the usual burger and breakfast menus on offer to tourists in the resort.

With an ethos of Eat Clean, Rave Dirty they provide good quality, health conscious food to those living and visiting Ibiza meaning that all that hard work getting your beach body ready isn’t wasted.

Over the last two and half years they have gone from strength to strength with two restaurants in Ibiza and two in the UK with a third opening shortly and the are also now offering franchise opportunities across the UK and Europe. Read more

Interview with Amanda Hamilton Ibiza Worker

Amanda Ibiza summer Worker

Amanda Ibiza summer Worker

We first met Amanda in 2015 after she had arrived in Ibiza for a holiday and like many decided to stay on for the rest of the summer season.

She fell in love with the island its people, places and of course its parties and returned this year for a full season of Ibiza mayhem.

We caught up with her over a coffee back in the UK to find out how her 2016 season went, to find out her memories of the season and for her advice for others thinking about doing a summer in Ibiza. Read more

Ibiza Unheard Podcast Delves Deeper into Ibiza

Ibiza Unheard Podcast

Ibiza Unheard Podcast

A new podcast, Ibiza Unheard has been launched which delves deeper into Ibiza through the stories of those that call the island home or have a life long passion for the island and its unique place in the world.

We caught up with James Regal the podcasts producer and host to find out more about Ibiza Unheard, his love of Ibiza and to get his thoughts on the island and its changes in recent years.

Read more

In-depth Interview with Clara Da Costa Ibiza DJ and Island Resident

Clara Da Costa Ibiza DJ and island resident

Clara Da Costa Ibiza DJ and island resident

DJ and producer Clara Da Costa celebrates her 24th year in Ibiza this year and still continues to spread her influence across the island and the world.

Her life is a fascinating one, holidayed in Ibiza in her early teens, ran away from home and arrived back on the island at 16. Played her first gig in Es Paradis at 16, became Ibiza’s first female club resident, was Es Paradis’s Creative Director at 17 for 10 years and was responsible for developing the British promoters invasion of the island which still happens each year to this day. Read more

Interview with Wayne Lineker business owner and champion of San Antonio Ibiza

Interview with Wayne Lineker business owner and champion of San Antonio Ibiza

Interview with Wayne Lineker

Wayne Lineker is synonymous with Ibiza and its party lifestyle but beneath the showman exterior lies a serious businessman with several different ventures in and around San Antonio, notably Ocean Beach, Linekers Bar and of course the Skinny Kitchen restaurant.

He is also a great champion of San Antonio itself, as of course are we here on the blog, so we sat down with him over a very healthy breakfast at the new Skinny Kitchen restaurant beside the marina to find out more about his upcoming season in San Antonio and his thoughts on the changes and on Ibiza in general.

We sat down with Wayne in 2019 and you can read that interview here Read more

Interview with Patrick Nazemi resident DJ Ibiza Rocks

Patrick Nazemi Ibiza Rocks Resident DJ

Patrick Nazemi Ibiza Rocks Resident DJ

Often described as one of the UK’s most promising DJ’s Patrick Nazemi has been behind the decks for over 8 years and comes from humble beginnings playing mates parties and local club nights in Bristol.  He is now a rising star and Zane Lowe also commented “he is fast becoming a liability to have to follow on the decks”.

As we start the 2016 summer season we sat down with DJ Patrick Nazemi for an insight into being a DJ in Ibiza, the incredible season ahead playing under the Balearic sunshine and his thoughts on the island’s future. Read more

Santa Eulalia and the Ugliest Swinger in Town!

The Familiars of Santa Eulalia

The Familiars of Santa Eulalia

Santa Eulalia is one of the most vibrant resorts on the island with its bustling cosmopolitan town, blue flag beaches and recently opened Nikki Beach Club only a walk away.

It’s a perfect destination for families or those who want a more relaxed experience than the major resorts on the clubbing scene have to offer.

Many people return year after year once they have enjoyed their first holiday here, but one little fellow in particular has burst back onto the scene in the town after many, many years absence.

Very small and stooped and frankly decidedly ugly this little guy is taking the resort by storm. He´s cute, in a Rumpelstiltskin sort of a way, Read more

Adam Craft Working in Ibiza – Interview

Adam and Sam taking in the delights and wonders of the West End

Adam Craft & our Eldest

We first met Adam Craft in 2015 after he started posting weekly vlogs about his summer season in Ibiza.  His vlogs  are great fun and give a real insight into the work and lifestyle you can expect from working a season in the sun.

Being a veteran of working in Ibiza (2015 was Adam’s 5th consecutive year) we grabbed a few words with him to ask about working and if he had any tips he could share to help those new to working in Ibiza.

Thank you for joining us today Adam first off the question we get asked the most from potential workers thinking of doing a summer season in Ibiza. Read more

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