Keep valuables safe at the beach with Swymbags

The Swymbag

The fully waterproof Swymbag

It’s always been one of those silly but potentially serious problems.  What exactly do you do with your valuables when you want to go for a swim?

Do you leave one member of your party on the beach to stand guard and hope they won’t fall asleep while you have all the fun in the water?

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When Somerset meets Ibiza Corona Sunsets

Corona Sunsets Festival

Corona Sunsets Music Festival

It’s not a likely pairing seeing Somerset and Ibiza in the same sentence but this weekend sees Corona Sunsets’ Music Festival returning to the Somerset resort of Weston-super-Mare, our UK home town.

Last year was the first year we saw this event appear on the calendar and it started in Weston-super-Mare and finished in the sunset’s iconic home of Ibiza –  and we loved it
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If you only had 24 hrs in Ibiza what would you do?

A short survey about San Antonio

24 hrs in Ibiza

If you only had 24 hours in Ibiza how would you spend it? was the question. I paused for a moment and then it dawned on me only 24 hrs on the white isle “that’s a tough one to answer” I replied.

So after much thought here it is, my own only 24 hrs in Ibiza starting in San Antonio at midday Thursday and ending at midday Friday.

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Ibiza Photographer John Stables – Interview

John Stables Ibiza Photographer

John Stables Ibiza Photographer

Hanging out on twitter is where we first came across John and his amazing photos of Ibiza and all it has to offer.

This is John’s third full season on the Island and his passion for the White Isle is as great as ours, so over a 1 euro breakfast in the Fish Ibiza we sat down to talk all things Ibiza starting with how John discovered the island.

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Thomas Greens British Supermarket San Antonio Ibiza

Thomas Greens San Antonio

Thomas Greens San Antonio

You know how it is, you’re away from home and as much as you may be surrounded by the world’s most beautiful beaches, fabulous restaurants and amazing bars it’s nice to have a taste of home.

Located behind Ocean Beach / Surf House Ibiza on Cami des Moli in San Antonio is Thomas Green’s British Supermarket which stocks a huge range of all things quintessentially British.

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Water Taxis and Ferries from San Antonio Ibiza

The waterfront San Antonio Ibiza

The waterfront San Antonio

San Antonio is one of the best places to base your holiday in Ibiza as the transport links across the island from San Antonio are second to none.

Being an island, naturally everywhere can be reached by water so here is a list of water taxis and ferries you can get from San Antonio.

All these ferries depart from the main waterfront in San Antonio with several operators running the same routes, Read more

Care 4 Cats Ibiza

Care 4 Cats Ibiza

Care 4 Cats Ibiza

Whether you avoid them or fall in love with them, on holiday in Ibiza you cannot help but notice the amount of cats around the island.

Most are feral, roaming the streets and the countryside looking for food. Many are sick and many produce litter after litter of kittens increasing the Ibizan cat population exponentially.

In 2000 a UK registered charity was setup to help look after the cats of the island called Care 4 Cats Ibiza. Their main mission is to help control the ever increasing population of feral and abandoned stray cats on the island by trapping and neutering as many as possible, and then returning them back into the wild to stop the breeding cycle.

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Promoting Ibiza on a Budget

Save Cash when coming to Ibiza

Ibiza on a budget

I recently wrote an article about how to save money whilst on holiday in Ibiza which I hope everyone found helpful.

It was commented on through Facebook, however, that we should be promoting smaller bars for late afternoon and early evening drinking, whereas in the article we recommend that people should grab a few beers from the local supermarket and head down to the rocks to enjoy the sunset.

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Cocktail Masterclass at Tapas Ibiza

Tapas Ibiza Cocktail Masterclass

Tapas Ibiza Cocktail Masterclass

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make cocktails the right way? Do you want impress your friends and family with a new skill and a little bit of cocktail knowledge?

Well now you can thanks to the new Tapas Ibiza Cocktail Masterclass.

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Travelling via Palma to get to Ibiza

Holidaying in Ibiza

Flying to Ibiza

On our last trip to Ibiza we left it late to book and were shocked at the flight prices to fly direct from our local airport (Bristol).  This was also not helped by the fact that there was only one flight out the week we chose.

So in a bid to see if we could do it cheaper any other way we looked for a via route and found that flying into Palma and then getting an Island Hopper flight to Ibiza saved us £50 per person.

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