Stay Safe In Ibiza

Sunset from Chilli Pepper Charters

Stay safe in Ibiza

We all know that Ibiza is famed for its clubbing, partying and simply as an amazing holiday destination,  but with several tragic but avoidable deaths each year across the island here are a few tips to help make your trip to Ibiza that little safer.

First and foremost look after your mates and those who are travelling with you, make memories that last a lifetime not nightmares.

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Ocean Mania Early Bird Offer

Ocean Mania Updated for 2016

Ocean Mania Early Bird Offer

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond Ocean Mania’s control, they will no longer be open after the 16th June 2019

We are all for saving a little money when in Ibiza here on the blog and Ocean Mania in San Antonio have announced a great early bird offer which helps do just that.

The water wipeout course located just off S’Arenal beach beside Ocean Beach is one of our firm favourites when in Ibiza with its obstacles and bouncy fun and we have lost many hours here with and without the kids.

This is truly an activity for all ages, all you need is to be a good swimmer and not afraid to fall in the water a few times. Read more

A New Italian in Town – Charlie’s Bar San Antonio Ibiza

Charlies Bar Italian Restaurant

Charlies Bar Italian Restaurant

Sadly despite everyone’s love of this resturant, it closed in late 2017.

There is a new Italian in the town of San Antonio, Ibiza which is going down a storm with the locals, workers and visitors alike.

Called Charlie’s Bar (no I know not a very Italian name) they are serving the most authentic Italian food cooked by genuine Italian chefs all made with imported Italian ingredients.

They opened in late May 2016 and as well as rejuvenating the area with a fantastic looking restaurant, the food is exactly as would expect from Italian chefs – simply delicious and guaranteed to expand your waistline. Read more

Cocktail Hours at Tapas Ibiza

Tapas Ibiza San Antonio

Tapas Ibiza Cocktail Hours

Those amazing people at Tapas Ibiza, our favourite restaurant in Ibiza, are now hosting Cocktail Hours, with two of their fabulous cocktails for just 10 euros.

The offer runs from 4pm until 7pm daily, so no matter what you have been up to during the day be it a lazy few hours on the beach or some essential boutique shopping stop by Tapas Ibiza for a great deal on their incredible freshly made cocktails while you plan your night ahead. Read more

A new app for offers and deals – The Ibiza 2016 App

Ibiza 2016 App

Ibiza 2016 App

There are a host of apps available to those visiting Ibiza but this summer sees the launch of something a little different with a fantastic concept behind it.

Updated: We believe this app is no longer available and await news re 2017.

Called Ibiza 2016 the app utilises bluetooth and specially installed beacons to send you real time offers as you pass venues, bars and clubs ensuring that you hear about the best deals and special offers first.

The app has several sections  including an Ibiza news section for casual reading, venues by areas so you can always find that must place to eat or drink near by and a play button for Ibiza live radio. Read more

10 more things you may not know about Ibiza

Hierbas Ibiza in a bottle

Hierbas Ibiza in a bottle

In one of our earlier blogs we did a fun “10 things you may not know about Ibiza” which you can read here, everyone loved it so…

Today we bring you 10 More Things You May Not know about Ibiza some are obscure, some people may know but all are fun and will give you great knowledge and make you look good next time anyone mentions Ibiza in conversation.

1.Heribas, the drink of Ibiza which is an aniseed-flavoured liqueur, is made from herb and plant extracts grown across the island. It was developed and first used by the monks of the island in the middle ages for medical purposes. Today 1.2 million litres are made annually. Read more

My favourite places in Ibiza – Guest Post by Triple B Blogger

Triple B Blogger

Triple B Blogger

We first discovered the lovely Triple B (Priya) through her travel blog where she documents her adventures across the world in-between her studies at university. She also has a deep love of Ibiza and jumped at the chance to share her favourite places on the island with us here at The White Isle as follows.

I love talking/writing about my travels, and what better topic for this post than Ibiza? Even though I have been lucky enough to visit Ibiza three times, there are still so many places I am yet to visit, but for now, these are the places that I just have to visit when I’m on the crazy island! Read more

The Red House: Twilight’s Edge a book by Jennifer Allan

The Red House

The Red House

Continuing my love of books which are set in and around Ibiza, I discovered The Red House through Twitter.  It is a true mystery with a complex but endearing story set in the present and past times of Ibiza.

Maddie is the central character who lives with her husband and children in Ibiza living the idyllic lifestyle we all dream of. After several odd events and occurrences at their villa “The Red House” Maddie suffers a freak accident.

She awakens in familiar surroundings but in an unfamiliar time and the story develops into her working out how to get back to her normal day to day life alongside the story of those left behind. Read more

The Ultimate Bootcamp in Ibiza from The Skinny Kitchen

<span class="no_translate">The Skinny Kitchen Ibiza</span>

The Skinny Kitchen Ibiza

Ibiza may be famed for its partying and excessive lifestyle but over recent years a trend has developed for a more relaxed and healthier holiday on the island and 2016 is no exception, with the people behind the The Skinny Kitchen Ibiza bringing what we believe to be the ultimate Bootcamp to Ibiza.

For those that don’t know the Skinny Kitchen is the healthy eating restaurant in San Antonio, not only loved by the health conscious but Read more

Ibiza 2016 Preview Part 1

Can it be too hot in Ibiza

Ibiza 2016

As we all settle down to enjoy our mince pies and turkey over the festive season, we thought we would bring you a preview of what’s happening on the white isle, the good the bad and the different.

We shall be doing a couple of these previews as the 2016 season openings draw closer so keep an eye on the blog for everything Ibiza in 2016, everything below is confirmed Read more

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