When to Announce Events In Ibiza

What's on when in Ibiza

What’s on when in Ibiza

There are literally hundreds of events which take place in Ibiza every year from the Medieval Festival (early May) running throughout the summer season with the Super Clubs and their weekly line ups to the lesser known events such as the Festival of St Bartholomew in San Antonio (during late August).

Over the years we have been visiting and falling in love the island we have without doubt missed out on events, festivals, activities and even music nights that we would have dearly loved to attend but couldn’t as we didn’t get enough notice Read more

One Day in the Promised Land a book by Ryan Greenpike

One Day in the Promised Land

One Day in the Promised Land

Many books have been written about Ibiza over the years but One Day in the Promised Land offers a new and unique perspective of the characters that both work on and visit the island.

It’s a fantastic insight into their lives set over one 24 hour period in Ibiza. The book follows several different people throughout the 24 period and  gives you a real human side to what goes on beneath the beauty of the island.

From the dealer desperate for the loo on the inbound flight into the island, to the club rep organising a true off-the-grid party it is a true page turner. Read more

No More Roaming Charges in Ibiza

Wifi and mobile phones in Ibiza

No more roaming charges

It has taken several years to come to fruition but finally the members of the European Parliament have agreed to scrap data roaming charges across the  European Union.

The ultimate result will be that as from  June 2017 it will cost you the same to call, text and use the internet across Europe as it does when you are in your home country. Read more

Possibly the ultimate 18th Birthday ever – Ibiza Style

Sam Love Ibiza

Sam Loves Ibiza

As regular readers of the blog will know, our family passed an important milestone when our son turned 18 this last week.  Here is how he celebrated his birthday (alongside us and friends) on the beautiful island of Ibiza.

Now, as every man knows its traditional to take your son for their first legal pint, so at the stroke of Midnight we entered the Read more

One last very special trip of 2015 to Ibiza

Parasailing in Ibiza

Eldest loves Ibiza

Unless we win the lottery (fingers crossed) or some great miracle takes place (toes crossed) this week will see our final trip to Ibiza of 2015.

We are being Ibiza Weekender’s, staying for just 4 days but it is a very important milestone in our lives, it is our sons 18th Birthday. Read more

Be Free Ibiza Island-Wide Discounts and Offers

Be Free Discounts

Be Free Ibiza Offers

Those fantastic people at Be Free Internet who have been supplying Internet and Wifi at over 60 tourist hotspots over the past few years are now offering discounts and offers over a wide range of venues and services.

The offers range from a 5 euro breakfast at the world famous Cafe Mambo (normally 12 euros) to savings on having your own private cinema at your villa which is normally 350 euros but through Be Free offers page its only 200 euros. Read more

The Beaches of Ibiza by Air

The magical island of IbizaFlying into Ibiza is always a magical experience filled with the excitement of the days ahead whilst looking out of the window, down over the island that we all love so much.

Seeing the beaches from the air gives you a fantastic and unique viewpoint, and now some clever boffins have filmed and edited 55 of Ibiza’s stunning beaches in glorious HD for you to enjoy. Read more

Looking for ideas for our upcoming trip to Ibiza

S Arenal de San Antonio

San Antonio Ibiza

Avid followers of our blog will know that this week see’s us returning for  a few weeks of summer heaven on the white isle of Ibiza.

We love the island, its people, its places and the endless list of things to do and to say we are excited is an understatement.

We have been planning this trip since we returned from our last visit just 6 weeks ago. Yes we love Ibiza with our all.

Read more

Keep valuables safe at the beach with Swymbags

The Swymbag

The fully waterproof Swymbag

It’s always been one of those silly but potentially serious problems.  What exactly do you do with your valuables when you want to go for a swim?

Do you leave one member of your party on the beach to stand guard and hope they won’t fall asleep while you have all the fun in the water?

Read more

If you only had 24 hrs in Ibiza what would you do?

A short survey about San Antonio

24 hrs in Ibiza

If you only had 24 hours in Ibiza how would you spend it? was the question. I paused for a moment and then it dawned on me only 24 hrs on the white isle “that’s a tough one to answer” I replied.

So after much thought here it is, my own only 24 hrs in Ibiza starting in San Antonio at midday Thursday and ending at midday Friday.

Read more

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