The Ibiza Almond Blossom by Zoe Newlove

The Ibiza Almond Blossom by Zoe Newlove

The Ibiza Almond Blossom

The Ibiza Almond Blossom is as famous in winter as the club scene is in summer. It is at this time of year, between January and February that the precious white flowers spring into bloom.

Signifying the coming of spring with the warming weather as the days get longer and the sun higher it is one of those magical spectacles the island offers everyone.

If you are fortunate enough to be on the island in Winter, it simply is a must do experience. Read more

Animals of Ibiza by Tanya Taylor

the animals of Ibiza

Animals of Ibiza

The animals of Ibiza are not an obvious feature in the landscape and could be completely overlooked if you’re not watching out for them. The lack of lush fields limits the creatures that can comfortably live here.

Throughout the ages, the island had a reputation for its safety, being free from any poisonous plants and animals such as snakes and scorpions. Read more

What is the magic of Ibiza?

The Magic of ibiza

The Magic of Ibiza

You read about it everywhere, you see people tweeting about it and commenting on Facebook.  Everyone that has ever been constantly goes on and on about it, but what exactly is it, What is the magic of Ibiza?

Is it simply those first few steps on the island, into the searing heat, feeling like you have reached your hearts true home?

Read more

An evening of making Ibiza Hierbas by Zoe Newlove

An evening of making Ibiza Hierbas

An evening of making Ibiza Hierbas

Have you ever wondered what on earth the herbal tasting yellow liquid is that you are presented with after every lunch or dinner here in Ibiza? What exactly is this Hierbas stuff you’re drinking? And why is it so popular here in Ibiza?

Want to learn more about this liqueur? Then read on.

Towards the end of last summer, I was invited to attend a Hierbas workshop, at Kasbah in San Antonio. This workshop was hosted by a company called The Drinks Workshop, founded by Philip Thomas.

Read more

8 Reasons why Ibiza is the best place to live

Cala Salada Ibiza

Ibiza is true healthy living

Many of us may only visit the island for a few days or a week at a time taking in the wonders and excesses that go with being away from home, but for the lucky few that live there Ibiza may well be the best place to live on earth.

I am not saying its totally stress free. I mean having to earn your whole year’s living in a 5 month summer season cannot be easy, but here are my 8 reasons why Ibiza is just a better place to live. Read more

Spring trips to Ibiza

Ibiza in Spring

Ibiza in Spring

As Spring looms closer it is a great time to look at a sneaky trip to Ibiza while it’s a little quieter than the summer especially as its still full of life and definitely much warmer than the UK.

Perfect for a romantic getaway or for a few days to blow away those winter cobwebs or even a family trip in the sunshine.

With flights from most regional airports starting at the end of March into the first weeks of April there are some amazing deals on flight prices. Read more

Ibiza isn’t like that – Ibiza Weekender

Ibiza isn't like that

Ibiza isn’t like that

Ibiza Weekender has returned to UK tv on ITV2 channel which has created a backlash from some of those that know and love the island.

The premise of the programme is that it follows holiday reps across a few weeks of the summer season with different groups of male and female guests each week. Most, if not all of the chosen guests have never been to Ibiza before.

The guests stay for two nights in Ryans Ibiza Apartments in Playa d’en Bossa‎ and are taken out by the reps to various parties and bars to show them a good time in Ibiza. Read more

Chilli Pepper Charters Ibiza Launch new Website

Chilli Pepper Charters New Website

Chilli Pepper Charters

Our favourite boat trip is Chilli Pepper Charters Ibiza with their relaxed and chilled out style perfect for single travellers, couples and families alike. Well for the Ibiza 2016 summer season their website has had a makeover.

Over recent years more and more Ibiza businesses are focussing on having a suitable online web presence alongside social media to increase peoples awareness to their presence. After all its the perfect was to showcase what they have to offer their potential clients way before they even step foot on the island. Read more

2016 will be the busiest Ibiza year yet

Ibiza 2016 you know it makes sense

Ibiza 2016

Whilst speaking to a lot of different people over the last few weeks, it seems that bookings are already up for hotels, hostals and villas across the island with tickets to the few events announced already selling like hot cakes.

Off the back of Ibiza’s busiest season yet in 2015 with over 6.4 million passengers travelling through the airport and an ever growing winter season with passengers up by 17% in December, it seems that 2016 will surpass these figures once again.

There are several reasons for this and although some show a darker side of the world and its current problems Ibiza is seeing a silver lining to these. Read more

The Eco Tax That’s Coming To Ibiza

The EcoTax is coming to Ibiza

The EcoTax is coming.

A new form of direct tax is to be introduced across the Balearic Islands of Ibiza, Formentera, Majorca and Minorca.  It’s called the EcoTax and will be payable by everyone staying on the islands.

The theory is to levy a small charge on everyone, and whilst it is in a draft stage at the moment, and out for public consultation they do hope to bring it in ready for April 2016.

Read more

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