Giving something back to San Antonio Ibiza

Cala Salada Ibiza

Cala Salada Ibiza

We arrived in Ibiza last night just as the sun was setting over San Antonio and got ourselves settled in with Miki and all at the Hostal Marino.

Today instead of making a rush for the beaches or endless activities on offer or even just lazing by the pool we as a family decided to give something back to Ibiza. Read more

The Rise of Incidents on Board Flights to Ibiza

Holidaying in Ibiza

Flying to Ibiza

With the rise of serious incidents of abusive drunk behaviour on flights to Ibiza we take an in-depth look at the situation and ever growing problem and speak to the airlines involved.

Serious incidents that have made the news of late include:

5 men were arrested after the Bristol to Ibiza Easyjet flight landed when a “1 alcoholic drink per passenger” rule was enforced and they took exception to this and became abusive Read more

San Antonio Ibiza as a global brand

An exciting year ahead for San Antonio

San Antonio Ibiza

We all know that Ibiza is renowned the world over as the party island. But is it time for San Antonio to now step up and become a global brand all of its own offering a great all year round holiday destination?

We believe so; San Antonio is shaping up to be a world leader when it comes to fulfilling your holiday needs.  Whether you want a holiday full of partying and clubbing, a relaxed peaceful holiday, a place with lots of sightseeing attractions or Read more

How to report maintenance problems in San Antonio Ibiza

Maintenance in San Antonio

Maintenance Portal

We thought we had found something new in this but I have been reliably informed it has been around since July 2011 (thank you @aaronpanta).

There is a specific webpage to report maintenance problems around the area of San Antonio.

Whether its, rubbish, potholes, street lights not working or similar you can now easily and simply report it via this webpage on the councils own website.

Read more

Care 4 Cats Ibiza

Care 4 Cats Ibiza

Care 4 Cats Ibiza

Whether you avoid them or fall in love with them, on holiday in Ibiza you cannot help but notice the amount of cats around the island.

Most are feral, roaming the streets and the countryside looking for food. Many are sick and many produce litter after litter of kittens increasing the Ibizan cat population exponentially.

In 2000 a UK registered charity was setup to help look after the cats of the island called Care 4 Cats Ibiza. Their main mission is to help control the ever increasing population of feral and abandoned stray cats on the island by trapping and neutering as many as possible, and then returning them back into the wild to stop the breeding cycle.

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Does Ibiza Have a Duty of Care?

The magical island of Ibiza

The magical island of Ibiza

A blog post by Martin this morning started me thinking about how you deal with the excesses that Ibiza has to offer and deal with the downside of those excess which can ultimately lead to losing your life.

I can sit and type away to my heart’s content telling people don’t do this, don’t do that but very few will read it and even fewer will take any notice.

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A New Era for San Antonio Ibiza

A new era ahead for San Antonio

A new era for San Antonio

After the recent elections with no single party gaining overall control (11 seats required) negotiations have been ongoing to form the next council in San Antonio.

After over 35 years of rule by the PP they seem to have been shunned, despite winning the most seats
(8 seats), with the other parties PSOE Read more

Should the beaches of Ibiza be closed for private events?

Cala Gracio

The beaches of Ibiza

This week, as Heiniken prepares to hold a private party on S’Estanyol Beach south of Santa Eulalia to celebrate the Champions League Final on Saturday, the question of whether the beaches of Ibiza should be closed for private events has come to the fore.

This event was held last year and resulted in large areas of the beach being closed off Read more

No Oil exploration off the coast of Ibiza

No to oil in Ibiza

No to oil in Ibiza

Today has brought the news from the Consell d’Evissa that Cairn Energy has withdrawn from the waters of Ibiza and requested the expiry of its permits to explore for oil in the Mediterranean.

Cairn energy were awarded four area blocks in the Gulf of Valencia in 2011 to explore for oil by the Spanish government.  These blocks sit off the west coast of Ibiza.

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San Antonio, Ibiza stunning Vlog by Adam Craft

Adam Craft Vlog of Ibiza

Adam Craft Vlog of Ibiza

I can’t believe I hadn’t seen this Vlog earlier but thanks to Twitter I stumbled across it last night and instantly wanted more.

Adam Craft is spending his 4th season in Ibiza working as a Floor Supervisor in Ibiza Rocks Bar and is shooting and editing a vlog of his summer adventures in Ibiza.

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