Fiesta of Sant Bartomeu fireworks in San Antonio Ibiza

San Antonio Fireworks

San Antonio Fireworks

A huge fireworks display is set to light up the skies across the harbour of San Antonio this Monday (24th August) as part of the Fiesta of Sant Bartomeu (St. Bartholomew).

The fireworks display is the main event of the three week fiesta which has been running since the early August and ends on the 22nd September and includes Concerts, sports tournaments, cultural activities, competitions, workshops for children, funfair and folklore displays. Read more

Tapas Ibiza Open Air Cinema San Antonio

Tapas ibiza

Tapas Ibiza San Antonio

As you all know Tapas Ibiza is, without question, one of our favourite restaurants on the island and we have spent many an evening here enjoying their incredible food and amazing cocktails.

When asked where do we recommend, Tapas is always at the top of our list….. and now they have introduced their Open Air Cinema, taking place on Thursday evenings starting at 9.30pm. Read more

Pennsylvania Burger a true gem of San Antonio Ibiza

Pennsylvania Burger

Pennsylvania Burger

Each time we visit Ibiza we discover, or in this case are shown a hidden gem. On our last recent trip Adam Craft introduced us to Pennsylvania Burger, which turned out to be a true gem food wise.

Located in the heart of San Antonio, just off the West End, this is THE burger place to visit, and trust me, one visit will never be enough. Read more

A Middle Aged Guide to the West End San Antonio Ibiza

West End San Antonio

West End San Antonio

The West End is situated in San Antonio and is made up of numerous bars and clubs which cover a few streets just off the main waterfront of the town.

Some people say it is notorious, others say it’s the beating heart of San Antonio with its cheap drinking, good pub grub, themed bars, night club style venues and even a strip club or two. Read more

British Police Officers will Patrol San Antonio Ibiza

Uk police in Ibiza

Uk police to be in San Antonio

As we wrote about earlier in the year here there was hope that British police officers could be seen on the streets of Ibiza and it has just been announced that for a week this summer two British police officers (a sergeant and a constable) will be on patrol alongside the Guardia Civil in San Antonio. Read more

Radio 1 on the Sunset Strip San Antonio A missed Opportunity

BBC Radio 1 in Ibiza

BBC Radio 1 in Ibiza

After my controversial post about Radio 1 on the sunset strip a few days ago which sparked many comments on the blog and Facebook (good, bad and offensive) I thought I would follow it up with this blog on how this event could have been an even greater success than it was.

The rise of EDM over recent years has opened up the market and music of Ibiza to a much wider audience, part of this market are the children, teenagers and us slightly older folk. Read more

The San Antonio Express Tourist Train Ibiza

San Antonio Express

The San Antonio Express

Operating from outside the bus station in San Antonio you will find the San Antonio Express Tourist Train which offers a 2 hour tour offering a glimpse into how the island looks away from the urban jungle of the town.

Tours leave at 11am 1pm and 4pm daily (excluding Sundays) but they ask you to arrive 30 minutes before to get you seated, buy your tickets and get comfortable for the journey ahead. Read more

San Antonio Ibiza as a global brand

An exciting year ahead for San Antonio

San Antonio Ibiza

We all know that Ibiza is renowned the world over as the party island. But is it time for San Antonio to now step up and become a global brand all of its own offering a great all year round holiday destination?

We believe so; San Antonio is shaping up to be a world leader when it comes to fulfilling your holiday needs.  Whether you want a holiday full of partying and clubbing, a relaxed peaceful holiday, a place with lots of sightseeing attractions or Read more

Healthy eating at the Skinny Kitchen San Antonio Ibiza

The Skinny Kitchen Ibiza

The Skinny Kitchen Ibiza

Ibiza has a reputation for being the home of excess. Of course we all like to splurge when we’re on holiday, but there are a growing number of people that still want to be able to enjoy great healthy food whilst away.

Introducing The Skinny Kitchen restaurant, located in the heart of San Antonio, which as it name suggests, serves healthy meals, snacks and drinks for all ages.

Read more

Thomas Greens British Supermarket San Antonio Ibiza

Thomas Greens San Antonio

Thomas Greens San Antonio

You know how it is, you’re away from home and as much as you may be surrounded by the world’s most beautiful beaches, fabulous restaurants and amazing bars it’s nice to have a taste of home.

Located behind Ocean Beach / Surf House Ibiza on Cami des Moli in San Antonio is Thomas Green’s British Supermarket which stocks a huge range of all things quintessentially British.

Read more

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