How to report maintenance problems in San Antonio Ibiza

Maintenance in San Antonio

Maintenance Portal

We thought we had found something new in this but I have been reliably informed it has been around since July 2011 (thank you @aaronpanta).

There is a specific webpage to report maintenance problems around the area of San Antonio.

Whether its, rubbish, potholes, street lights not working or similar you can now easily and simply report it via this webpage on the councils own website.

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Improvements to Cleaning and Policing in San Antonio Ibiza

Cleaning in San Antonio

Cleaning in San Antonio

Two of the most contentious issues in San Antonio in the last few years have been the cleaning and policing of the resort.

With a new Council having been elected in recent weeks, it seems that changes are already being made to improve the situation in both these areas.

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Water Taxis and Ferries from San Antonio Ibiza

The waterfront San Antonio Ibiza

The waterfront San Antonio

San Antonio is one of the best places to base your holiday in Ibiza as the transport links across the island from San Antonio are second to none.

Being an island, naturally everywhere can be reached by water so here is a list of water taxis and ferries you can get from San Antonio.

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A walk along the promenade San Antonio Ibiza

The promenade San Antonio Ibiza

The promenade San Antonio

Starting beside the beach of Es Puet and following the prom all the way round to the beach at Calo des Moro this walk is great whatever your ability and has something for everyone as you go along.

The walk is about 3km in total, with only one set of steps (but a ramp is also provided as part of the cycle path suitable for pushchairs and wheels chairs).

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A new political blog for San Antonio Ibiza

Martin Makepeace Your man in San An

Martin Makepeace Your man in San An

Yesterday saw a historic event take place in San Antonio where a tri party coalition took over the running of the Council after the recent local elections.

The PSOE, PI and Reinicia parties have all joined forces to create the new San An council after 35 years of rule by the PP which we covered here.

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A New Era for San Antonio Ibiza

A new era ahead for San Antonio

A new era for San Antonio

After the recent elections with no single party gaining overall control (11 seats required) negotiations have been ongoing to form the next council in San Antonio.

After over 35 years of rule by the PP they seem to have been shunned, despite winning the most seats
(8 seats), with the other parties PSOE Read more

Make a Shake San Antonio Ibiza

Make A Shake San Antonio

Make A Shake San Antonio

On our recent visit to San Antonio we stumbled upon Make A Shake.  A new business for the town providing shakes in a whole host of different flavours and combinations.

From healthy fruit based smoothies to high calorie diet busting chocolate based milkshakes they can pretty much turn anything into a shake.

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The 1 euro breakfast in San Antonio Ibiza

The Fish Ibiza in San Antonio

The Fish Ibiza in San Antonio

Yes you read that right a breakfast for 1 euro. We heard about the Fish Ibiza through another online blog IBZ.TV  and had to go and check it for ourselves to see what the fuss was about.

Located in San Antonio close to the West End at Carrer de Santa Rosalia, 2, below the  All Suite Ibiza Apart hotel.

A small friendly bar that is very popular with the summer workers (with recruitment days, job and accommodation board) and servers the famous 1 euro breakfast.

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After a night of reflection in San Antonio Ibiza

S Arenal de San Antonio

San Antonio

We followed the political campaign closely in San Antonio mulling over the manifestoes and comments from those who wanted to take charge.

Last night we sat on the edge of our seats waiting for the results to be declared. With 3 dear friends in the running and a love for San Antonio it felt important to us.

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San Antonio Ibiza Election Results

Es Verro The Brave One

Today Ibiza went to the polls

Today Ibiza went to the polls to elect their new officials for the next 5 years, in San Antonio the campaign has been a hard fought one with many town issues coming to the fore.

We have been following the campaign closely as several dear friends we have made over our years visiting San Antonio are standing for election.

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