A visit to Tanit’s Cave Ibiza by Tanya Taylor

A visit to Tanit’s Cave

A visit to Tanit’s Cave

Even if you haven’t a clue who Tanit is, I’m sure if you’re a regular visitor to the island then you would’ve caught her name in passing at some point.

Her legacy can be found all over the island in the names of Bars, Hotels, Restaurants, there’s even a driving school named in her honour.

Tanit is a Goddess, more specifically, she is the Goddess of Ibiza. It was the Phonecians, some of the first settlers on the island who brought her here way back in the fifth century BC. Read more

Sunset Quad Bike Tour, San Antonio, Ibiza

Sunset Quad Bike Tour

Sunset Quad Bike Tour

E-move Ibiza has expanded their tours to offer a sunset quad bike tour which starts and ends in San Antonio.

We joined one of the tours a few weeks ago meeting outside the E-move shop on Av Doctor Fleming in the late afternoon sunshine.

After checking our driving licenses, fitting us with helmets and a quick training session into how to correctly drive the quad and of course how to stop, we all set-off. Read more

5 more top sunset spots in Ibiza

5 more top sunset spots in Ibiza

5 More top sunset spots in Ibiza

Last year we wrote one of our most popular articles our top 5 sunset spots in Ibiza.

Since then we have had the opportunity to visit even more spots on the island where the sunset is truly magical, with many of these coming from your suggestions.

So here are 5 more top sunset spots in Ibiza to consider, definitely  places that if you get the chance to visit you should.

The sunset in Ibiza is truly spectacular and one of the island’s finest assets. It is different every evening and even when it’s a little cloudy the colours are truly incredible. Read more

Tapas at Relish San Antonio Bay Ibiza

Tapas at Relish San Antonio Bay Ibiza

Tapas at Relish Ibiza

One of our favourite restaurants across the whole island have extended their menu options and now Tapas at Relish San Antonio Bay Ibiza is available.

Relish, for those that do not know is a lovely restaurant situated in the Cala de Bou area of San Antonio Bay with an outside terrace and pool for daytime relaxing and cocktails.

Inside it has a comfy lounge area for pre table waiting and also a great place for evening cocktails. Read more

Sailing around the waters of Ibiza by Zoe Newlove

Sailing around the waters of Ibiza

Sailing the waters of Ibiza

Being out at sea, sailing around the waters of Ibiza without a care in the world is by far one of the best feelings ever. With the scorching hot weather that July brings, there is nothing better than feeling the sea breeze against your skin and then jumping into crystal clear blue waters to cool off.

There are many ways to explore the beautiful Ibiza coastline, but thanks to the guys here at The White Isle Ibiza, I have recently discovered Chilli Pepper Charters and I cannot wait to share my experience with you all today. Read more

Anthropology of Ibiza and it’s Cultural Side by Zoe Newlove

Anthropology of Ibiza and its Cultural Side by Zoe Newlove

Anthropology of Ibiza

With the infamous white isle being most known for her party culture, super clubs and music scene, it is quite hard to grasp the idea of there being an actual history and culture to the island.

Yet, if you look carefully as you drive around the island, you can see scattered churches, lighthouses, wells and ruins of times gone by.

If we go right back to the beginning, the first ever settlements on Ibiza can be dated back as far as 3000 years ago, with the Carthaginians discovering Ibiza in 654 B.C. Ibiza town is, in fact, one of the earliest towns to be discovered in Europe. Read more

Eat Well for Less in Ibiza – Menu Del Dia App

Menu Del Dia Menu of the Day

Menu Del Dia Menu of the Day

For those in Ibiza on a budget, a great way to get a great value meal is to have the “Menu of the Day” or Menu Del Dia.

The history of the Menu Del Dia goes back all the way to Franco times.  It was implemented in the early 60s to give the workers an affordable, filling lunch for a great price.

In more modern times, with the worldwide financial crisis it has again come back into favour, with both workers and visitors to Ibiza and Spain as a whole.

Read more

Nanjoes offers a spicy summer in San Antonio Ibiza

Nanjoes offers a spicy summer in San Antonio Ibiza

Nanjoes offers a spicy summer

Nanjoes offers you a spicy summer in San Antonio Ibiza by opening their first Piri Piri Chicken restaurant in the town and it’s on FIRE!

Brought to you by Joe and Tash from The Fish Ibiza, Nanjoes was originally their Wednesday Piri Piri chicken night which became so successful it was wanted more than just one night a week.

So Nanjoes was born – a dedicated restaurant offering a spicy summer 7 days a week with chicken based dishes alongside veggie and vegan options all with added spice. Read more

Ocean Mania Ibiza has a new course for 2018

Ocean Mania Ibiza has a new course for 2018

Ocean Mania Ibiza new for 2018

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond Ocean Mania’s control, they will no longer be open after the 16th June 2019

One of the best loved activities in San Antonio Ocean Mania Ibiza has a new course for 2018 and it is truly spectacular.

Those that do not know what Ocean Mania is, it’s a watery wipeout style assault course full of bouncy fun, grab handles, obstacles, slides and so much more.

For 2018 the whole course has been completely redesigned and returns bigger, better with all new obstacles, longer slides and the biggest iceberg Ibiza has ever seen. Read more

Relish Restaurant & Lounge Bar, San Antonio Bay, Ibiza

Relish Restaurant & Lounge Bar San Antonio Bay Ibiza

Relish Restaurant San Antonio Bay

Just a few steps away from Cala de Bou, nestled a little way back from the beach you will find Relish Restaurant & Lounge Bar in the Bay of San Antonio.

With a large indoor seating area including a small snug, a long bar for cocktails, a covered terrace with views over the beach and an outdoor terrace complete with pool, this restaurant is an ideal spot to recharge your batteries after a long night partying or a long day at the beach.

From a quick lite snack to a fully indulgent meal there is something for everyone on the menu, and for those missing a little taste of home they also do incredible Sunday Roasts. Read more

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