Changes to San Antonio for 2017

Changes to San Antonio for 2017

Changes to San Antonio for 2017

As the winter season comes to an end we herald in the summer and the inevitable changes to San Antonio for 2017.

2016 was the real year of change with the newly elected Council’s first full year in charge exercising its power and might to try to improve and reduce the problems in the town.

This continues into 2017 with the biggest change announced so far as the removal of the terraces outside bars and restaurants on the public highway.

This will mean that from Midnight (or at 2am if the venue has no music or as announced last week if the venue turns off its music at midnight) you will no longer be able to sit outside venues and watch the world go by.

The idea is well documented and looks to reduce the noise levels in town especially around the West End, but we will have to see how the dynamic works. Personally, we are not convinced it will reduce the noise by any noticeable amount and if anything the aggravation factor may be increased by people simply sitting in the street or standing outside venues talking to their mates. Time will tell but it is a monumental change for the nightlife of the town.

No more late night tables and chairs on the terraces of San Antonio

No more late night tables and chairs on the terraces of San Antonio

Moving on to last year’s ban on Ticket Sellers, PR’s and Club Parades, it has been confirmed that this will remain in place for 2017, despite rumours the PR jackets would make a return. The rumour is sadly untrue, with the fines for those flouting the local ordinance having been increased somewhat to between 6,000 and 30,000 euros to try and dissuade businesses flouting the law.

On a more positive note 2017 will see a dedicated police team for the busier areas of San Antonio, working from the 1st May until the 30th September from mid evening until 6am.

Called the ENEV it will consist of 2 officers and 7 agents with a dog handler available with 4 police on patrol every night of the week. Their main job will be to enforce local laws with regards to coexistence, noise control, illegal street sellers, bar closing times and security.

This should go a very long way to improving the town’s night time image in our eyes and we hope that this is the start of something more positive for San Antonio.

In other news we are sad to hear that Itica bar on the beach front have announced that this will be their last season. What lies in store for the future of the venue we don’t know as yet but the bar loved by so many will be sorely missed after this season ends.

Update: We now know that Tony Truman the man behind Ocean Beach has bought the venue and is planning to open “Pizza Express Live” in 2018 check out Amanda Zips It Up blog for the exclusive news here.

Itaca Bar on the beach from of San Antonio will close at the end of the 2017 season

Itaca Bar on the beach front of San Antonio will close at the end of the 2017 season

There is a new pedestrian area being created in the majority of the old town. This is due to come into effect from mid April.

Opening up the narrow streets to the flow of people is not only safer but will also allow for the prettification of the area and will hopefully attract more shops and businesses to the area and is seen as a positive move.

One unpopular announcement made last year was that the evening market would move away from beside the fountains to one of the town squares. After a lot of opposition this move was held off for a year, but as yet we have heard no more on whether the change of location will happen this year or not.

The last major change we have to touch on is the resurgence of the Super Clubs in San Antonio this year.

Eden planted the seeds last year and these are growing well in 2017 with Defected in the House, Audio Rehab and others coming to its formidable venue.

Es Paradis alongside their infamous water and paint parties are doing a series of “Presents…” events bringing back some of the founders of dance music in Ibiza over the last 25 years. You can catch the likes of Brandon Block, Aplex P, Dave Pearce, Fabio, Slipmatt across this summer on Monday nights.

Ibiza Rocks are making the day time the new night time with some very impressive pool parties including Elrow, Do not sleep with Cuckoo Land, Toddla T Carnival, We are Rock Stars Pool Party and the return of Craig David for his second season.

Daytime is the new nighttime a Ibiza Rocks hosting a multitude of pool parties

Daytime is the new nighttime a Ibiza Rocks hosting a multitude of pool parties

If that’s not enough they are also holding a mini festival called Stormzy Presents MERKY promising a 10 hour long Multi stage day to night party as well as seeing some old and new artists for their live gigs this summer.

Finally with Ocean Beach celebrating their 5th year in 2017 it has never been a better time for the music in San Antonio which is catering to all tastes and genres.

So as the summer season starts to get underway there is an air of positivity with the changes to San Antonio for 2017.

The town as a whole seems to be moving in a positive direction not only with the music but with a more balanced tourist offering which is attracting more families and mature tourists, which has to be good for everyone.

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