Changes to the West End San Antonio, Ibiza

The West End San Antonio Ibiza

The West End San Antonio Ibiza

As many of the bars and clubs open this weekend, 2016 will herald some changes to the West End in San Antonio Ibiza.  From new bars to new security, to new enforcement of the rules it seems that times are changing for the area.

For those that have a preconceived idea about the West End have a read of this article because it has a reputation from years past that no longer applies.

In our book this is definitely the beating heart of San Antonio especially for first timers and for those on a budget, and with this year’s changes we believe that the West End is on the up and up again and dare we say it is starting to become a little more cosmopolitan.

The Bars & Clubs

Over the winter and early spring workmen have been busy renovating and modernising several establishments turning them into clean shiny venues suitable for the modern day Ibiza.

Play2 Club has become LYT Club a brand new nightclub in the heart of the West End which promises something a little different and lots of surprises as the season unfolds.

Capones has become Shenanigans a new Irish bar which is the sister bar to the Highlander and will be run in the same vein offering great quality drinks and entertainment, open to all but with an Irish twist where you will arrive as customers and leave as firm friends.

Stereo has become Soho Ibiza which they say is the best looking and most modern bar in the West End boasting an amazing sound system, 2 bars with quality house and dance music till 5am all wrapped in an electric atmosphere.

Eden Corner and The Gallery have also been taken over and have been renamed as The Irish Tavern and China Whites respectively.

Everyone’s favourites are back The Highlander, Viva Ibiza, Joe Spoons, Delilah’s Ibiza, Entice and Lush to name but just a few, we estimate there must 30 – 40 venues in the West End opening for the 2016 season.

West End San Antonio

The West End the beating heart of San Antonio Ibiza

A few have unfortunately failed to reopen especially on the outer edges and the West End does feel a little more compact this year.

However with the new and refurbished bars and clubs alongside the well established favourites it seems to be reinventing itself and moving away from its dogged past into a great place to spend a few hours before the super clubs open, or for a night out celebrating birthdays, stag or hen do’s as well as being a great place to spend an evening just watching the sights and sounds of Ibiza go by.

New security

This year will see an increased police presence in the area across the summer alongside new and relocated CCTV cameras. There is also to be a crackdown on the luky luky guys and other anti social behaviour in the area which is great news for all.

More police are reportedly going present in the West End in 2016

More police are reportedly going present in the West End in 2016

As much as PR’s have been banned in San Antonio we believe the bars will have Welcomers and Greeters outside their premises,  so there will still be plenty of banter and information freely given out as you wander through the West End this year.

The rules on closing times and playing music so it’s audible in the street are also to be enforced more heavily than before.  Although of course we have heard this all before and await to see how this develops as the season unfolds.

Lastly, a new if not a little random a mural has been installed above Club Tropicana.  Make sure you look out for this as you pass through the main West End street, it looks fantastic.

The West End isn’t for everyone but for those looking for a lively cheap night out, compared to the super clubs, with lots of laughs with great music along the way it is well worth a visit, and you will make some great friends and share a tale or two while sitting outside in the evening warmth.

Just don’t take it to excess while there, leaving yourself vulnerable when heading back to your accommodation.  Look out for each other, respect the staff and venues you frequent and above all enjoy everything the west end has to offer in 2016


  • Positive vibes coming from San an onwards and upwards. I will one thing I noticed last year was the amount of young people who were lost or split up from friends in very vulnerable states. I know this happens year on year but could someone try and educate these young people into staying safe and hotels, reps give the a card with hotel /apartment names and location on.

    Good luck for the season ahead everyone and see you in June or September or both

    • Hi Robert,

      I think its a problem everywhere as trends have changed in how people drink and what state they get into, being abroad just makes it all much worse and them much more vulnerable sadly. I absolutely love your idea and so simple but could make so many peoples time safer, I shall add this to our stay safe article. Thank you.

  • El mejor si dude y lo que tiene buena musica y lo que siempre esta lleno de gente es revolutions y Irish tavern

  • Your comments on who owns bars I find quite disturbing for an article written in the 00’s and maybe you find out true facts before written these so called blogs
    I don’t see you writing the owners of well know rnb bar is not managed by a certain race or culture
    and known to fact a good 99% of bars have Spanish owners not the so called mangers who may call them selves the mangers and maybe pay there way but the Spanish they lease the bars off
    These so called bloggers seemed to be no different than a tabloid newspaper of not worse

    • Hi there,

      We have sent an email to you can you reply to us as I am more than happy to cover other premises on the blog. We are well aware that most of the buildings are owned by the islanders and are rented out.

      Many thanks.

  • Is there any reasoning putting Morrocons as a headline
    As that has any relovance to the blog it should be deleted as some people may take offence or what it your it in your intention to discriminate a race

    • Hi,

      There was no offence intended just reporting the facts but have changed the article to ensure it cannot be construed in that way or be offencive to anyone.

      My apologies.


  • I got put off the West end as far back as 1988 when I first went, I stayed clear as it went from bad to worse through the 90s and 00s, I’m now much older and still like dance music but looking for proper Spanish bars rather then places full of tanked up Brits, I may re- visit the West end to see the new changes but head back to Ibiza town afterwards.

    • It is getting better, the bad press it gets now is unwarranted yes still the odd drunk brit around but nothing like it used to be and it is slowly changing to be a little more respectable but still a great place to have a night out.

  • Will most the west end be open October 15 2016

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