Chilli Pepper Charters San Antonio Ibiza

Chilli Pepper Charters

Chilli Pepper Charters

There are a multitude of “Sunset” boat trips you can take from Ibiza, but for the ultimate in welcoming, relaxing and above all excellent value for money, you cannot beat Chilli Pepper Charters San Antonio Ibiza.

Departing from the waterfront in San Antonio in the late afternoon, they gently sail out of the harbour and around the coast of Ibiza with soft music playing.

The welcome on-board is perfect and being a family run business they cater their trips to their passengers on board, whether it be young groups out for a good time, couples, or family groups with children and can take up to 20 people at a time.

Free drinks are included in the price of the trip and you are hosted by Vincente (the captain) and Sofi (the sailor) who are warm and friendly, chatting to everyone,  explaining the history or significance of the sights, bays and beaches you pass and ultimately ensuring you all have a good time.

Relaxing on-board Chilli Pepper Charters

Relaxing on-board Chilli Pepper Charters

With the music playing on the breeze, the warm sun on your face and the sound of the boat cutting through the waves you cannot help but feel yourself relaxing and become more chilled as you sail north or west from San Antonio.

Along the way, the boat anchors up and you have the chance to jump from the boat to go swimming in the bays and off the beaches of Ibiza where you will see the most incredible underwater sights from colourful fish, crabs to octopus and much more.

Chilli Pepper Charters provide everything that you need to swim safely, with face masks, snorkels, floats and woggles all readily available, with life jackets for the more inexperienced swimmers, you can experience the water like never before in a safe, gentle and relaxed manner.

For those who are a little more adventurous, at some locations you can swim from the boat, climb up onto the cliffs and jump / dive back into the Mediterranean which is a truly exhilarating experience if not a little terrifying.

As the sun starts to set, the anchor is pulled on board, and it’s off to find a beautifully peaceful spot along the coast where you can sit and relax talking to fellow passengers about your experiences on Ibiza.  We have on many occasions picked up some great tips on where to visit or eat from fellow passengers.

The perfect way to see the sunset from Chilli Pepper Charters, San Antonio, Ibiza

The perfect way to see the sunset is from Chilli Pepper Charters, San Antonio, Ibiza

Watching the sun gently slip beneath the horizon whilst bobbing up and down on the sea is a magical experience, providing you with an unrivaled view.  You feel at peace and one with nature and are surrounded by happy like-minded people.

Sailing back after sunset at a gentle pace you return to San Antonio harbour feeling totally relaxed and completely unwound after the madness of everyday Ibiza.

The trip lasts between 3 and 4 hours.  Please remain flexible when booking as for the most enjoyment they like to book similar groups together so you get the most enjoyment from your trip.  Their booking hut can be found on the San Antonio waterfront.

Awarded to Chilli Pepper Charters in 2017

They have also obtained the prestigious TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence in 2017. This designation is only given to businesses that consistently achieve great traveller reviews on TripAdvisor over the past year.

This post forms part of our three things not to miss in San Antonio, Ibiza.

You can find Chilli Pepper Charters cabin on San Antonio Waterfront they sail daily at lunchtimes and early evenings (Sunset cruise) and you can find out more on their website or Facebook

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