Does Ibiza Have a Duty of Care?

The magical island of Ibiza

The magical island of Ibiza

A blog post by Martin this morning started me thinking about how you deal with the excesses that Ibiza has to offer and deal with the downside of those excess which can ultimately lead to losing your life.

I can sit and type away to my heart’s content telling people don’t do this, don’t do that but very few will read it and even fewer will take any notice.

Firstly the problem is worldwide.  It is not unique to Ibiza.  However, what is unique in Ibiza is the excesses of the once-a-week, Saturday night, in Ibiza are every day and night for 4 months of the summer season with what seems to be a much more tolerant attitude towards it than in the UK.

My initial response to the problem was education and supervision with people simply respecting themselves and each other, but again, it is just a few well-meaning words.  However after much deliberation it boils down to this.

A duty of care from everyone is what is needed.  This means everyone, whether it be the tourists, the guy behind the bar or the night porter at the hotel you’re staying in.

A great sentiment I know.  But how do you apply this to the real world and more specifically to Ibiza?

It’s not as hard as you think, once you get everyone working on the same page. That is the hard part.

Firstly the authorities need to be given the resources to have “boots on the ground”, “feet on the street” or whatever you want to call it.  Be it local security, local police, health workers or the Guarda Civil they need to have the numbers, the training and the ability to speak various languages or at least be provided with the resources to have translators on hand (as seen in many mainland Spanish resorts).

Every business needs to put its customers first not profits and have well trained well educated staff who know when it’s time to stop serving people or to give them polite words of advice.

Hotel owners need to be aware of their guests whether they are being too loud and disturbing other guests or being far too drunk or worse, keeping an eye on them, giving words of advice or taking a harder line where necessary.

Those are the basics.  However, I can already hear the bar owners cries “but our duty of care only covers people whilst they are with us”.  That is completely true so pass that duty of care on.

A grander version of the pub watch radio system perhaps having premises, street staff (be they local security, police etc) CCTV, hotels and health workers all connected.

Using such a system could ensure that when a group that leaves your premises after they have had more than enough, you are able to alert the staff patrolling the streets to keep an eye on them, giving them words of advice, pointing them in the direction of the hotel or to simply inform the next establishment that they are heading their way or the hotel they are staying in that they are returning.

For more serious incidents it is an instant way to pass the information on to one central point that can then deploy resources as required in a fast and efficient way.

Communication throughout the chain and dealing with incidents before they happen, not afterwards, is the key and by working together as one, sharing information, helping each other out, and supporting each other will only change things for the better.

It’s not about being a party pooper and taking away the magic of the island.  It’s about Ibiza taking on a duty of care for everyone who visits their shores, regardless whether its crime, drink, drugs or other incidents that cause the problems.


  • Your article didn’t actually say anything! What were you trying to say !?

    • Apologies if my point didn’t come across simply it is that Ibiza has to step up and take on a duty of care towards its visitors as much as the visitors should have a duty of care towards the island and themselves.

  • cannot agree enough. turning people away when they’ve had too much works in many twn centers in uk, and worldwide.

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