Don’t be a plonker in Ibiza

Don't be a plonker in Ibiza

Don’t be a plonker in Ibiza

The white isle may be the most relaxed and laid back destination in the world, where you can experience everything that makes life worthwhile but please do it in style and don’t be a plonker in Ibiza.

Here we give you a handy guide of things to avoid doing in Ibiza and although many may be funny at the time the moment after it may well ruin an amazing holiday if not your life.

Enjoy Ibiza have respect for the island, its people as well as yourself and your mates.

The Sun

The sun shines in Ibiza 300 plus days of the year, wear sunscreen at all times, keep hydrated and stick to the shade if you are out and about in midday sun.

Over exposure to the sun can be deadly, use sunscreen.

Over exposure to the sun can be deadly, use sunscreen.

Overexposure to the sun can cause severe sunburn and even heatstroke which has claimed several lives in recent years.


Balconies may be a new experience for many on holiday but they are for sitting out on, relaxing and enjoying the views and fresh sea breeze.

They are not a jumping or diving platform for the pool, this is known as balconing which has claimed countless lives and is simply stupid and deadly.

This guy ended up with two broken feet, a broken ankle and got away lightly.

Drunken bets or dares

Getting drunk with your mates is fine but daring them or betting them they can or can’t do something can lead to some very dangerous situations.

Do not try this..

As much as it may be funny to watch or try you are messing with someone’s livelihood and not forgetting taking on a serious risk of injury and possibly worse.

Drink and Drugs

No huge lectures here.  Everyone knows what’s right and wrong and how much is too much. Although you may think its ok to take it to the extremes while on holiday apart from the health risks, you are exposing yourself to thieves or much worse while in an inebriated state.

Also no one wants to be woken up by you and your drunk mates shouting and screaming in the streets at 4am or having to step over your vomit on their way to work.

Respect the island

Ibiza welcomes everyone with open arms but please do not spoil it for others and for generations to come when out and about use the bins provided, when at the beach take your rubbish away with you or if you are drinking on the rocks take your empties away.

Do you want to be the one with glass in your foot because someone left a broken bottle buried in the sand?

San Jose council highlighting the litter problem on its beaches

San Jose council highlighting the litter problem on its beaches

Ibiza will only remain beautiful if we all play our part so a little consideration for its landscape, beaches and streets will go a long way for everyone today, tomorrow and in the future.

Pace yourself

Our last bit of advice is to pace yourself, Ibiza is a marathon not a sprint.  Don’t be tempted to hit the island hard and go mad on day one, yes enjoy your holiday but remember sleep, good food, plenty of water is the key to keeping you going.

I am sure many will call us party poopers for this article but far from it we want people to have a great time in Ibiza but to just do it sensibly and make yourself some great memories which will last a lifetime not nightmares you will never forget.

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