The Eco Tax is set to double in 2018

The Eco Tax is set to double in 2018

The Eco Tax is set to double in 2018

The Eco Tax is set to double in 2018 as announced by The Balearic Government with the increase coming into effect from the 1st January 2018.

The Eco Tax or to give it its correct title the Sustainability Tax was introduced back in July 2016 to raise much needed funds for the promotion of sustainable tourism and conservation of the natural areas of the Balearic islands.

Since July 2016 everyone over the age of 16 has paid a small surcharge per night to stay on the islands.  The exact amount is decided by the accommodation rating level you are staying in.

The tax is charged across the whole of the Balearic islands which include Ibiza, Formentera, Majorca and Menorca.

The new charges from the 1st January 2018 will be as follows:

High Season (May – October) Per Person Per Night.

Types of tourist accommodation

€ / day or part of a day

  1. 5-star, 5-star luxury and 4-star superior hotels, city hotels and aparthotels
€4 (£3.60)
  1. 4-star and 3-star superior hotels, city hotels and aparthotels
€3 (£2.75)
  1. 1, 2 and 3-star hotels, city hotels and aparthotels
€2 (£1.85)
  1. 4-key and 4-key superior tourist apartments
€4 (£3.60)
  1. 3-key superior tourist apartments
€3 (£2.75)
  1. 1, 2 and 3-key tourist apartments
€2 (£1.85)
  1. Non-residential accommodation establishments of tourism-residential companies
€4 (£3.60)
  1. Tourist holiday homes and homes subject to tourist stay marketing
€2 (£1.85)
  1. Rural hotels, agrotourisms and interior tourism accommodation
€2 (£1.85)
  1. Hostels, pensions, inns and camping sites
€1 (92p)
  1. Lodges and refuges
€1 (92p)
  1. Any other establishment of a “tourist character”
€2 (£1.85)
  1. Tourist cruise ships
€2 (£1.85)

*Plus IVA at 20% on all charges

Out of season visitors (November – April) will only pay the Eco Tax at a 50% rate.

After 9 consecutive nights, the rate is also only charged at 50% for any further nights.

Also new in the changes for 2018 are that those visiting from cruise ships will now be charged for visits under 12 hours, unlike currently where they are only charged if the ship docks for over 12 hours.

Again, as before the charges will only apply to those persons over 16 years of age.

The Eco Tax of the Balearics helping make the islands sustainable for all

The Eco Tax of the Balearics helping make the islands sustainable for all

The Eco Tax itself we believe is a good idea and a small price to pay for tourists visiting the Balearic islands to keep the islands sustainable and beautiful for all.

As an example of a project which will be mainly funded from the money raised from this Eco tax is the extension of the promenade from Cala Gracio to Port des Torrent which you can read more about here.


  • weii done to the Balearics government they have finaly found away to drive tourists away

  • I would like to ask how much the Travel Companies pay towards the so-called “Eco Tax”, as they are the ones making the vast profits.

    Went to Escana in Ibiza 3 times this year and the state of the beaches left a lot to be desired – so what are they spending this money on.

    Having looked at the costs of Holidays in Spain next year this family will not be going – that, together with the lousy Euro rate will keep me away.

    Like the previous commenter said the Balearic government have finally done it and driven the hard working Great British family tourist away – lets hope the people working in their industry do not suffer with the lack of business as Greece has.

  • Totally agree with the above comment,been going for 25 yrs,the past 5 at San Antonio bay,the. Beach area was a total disgrace,g as canisters and balloons,litter all over the place,guarantee tourism will fall next year.

  • The eco tax is a stealth tax. You aren’t given any notice of it at time of booking. Its paid over and above your holiday or hotel bill. For a family of 4 with 2 kids over 16 it amounts to nearly another 120 euros a week on top of the hotel bill budgeted for they are unaware of till they arrive. I’m not against protecting these beautiful islands but. Any charges should be notified at point of sale not as a hidden stealth tax for the unwitting holiday maker.

    • Hi there,

      Yes we have also heard some holiday companies are failing to tell people which is unfair. Protecting the islands is definitely the right thing to do and many other places have an eco-tax or equivalent across Europe and believe many more places will adopt this kind of tax over the coming years. However, it needs to be publicised and clear when booking.

      • Problem is a great majority of bookings are done on line and there is no warning of this. It means many comparison websites are not showing the comparison in costs to other destinations properly. Its also unfair on families that are not made aware of it up front.

        • One of the other things they might think of doing is making provision for removing some of the monstrous uncompleted edifices that lie round the island with the money raised from these taxes. Some control should have been put in place in the first place by way of a bond or some other provision to stop builders going bankrupt and leaving half built concrete eysores before they start taxing tourists to fix the mess which hopefully they’ll use it for.

          • It drives us nuts too so many empty but complete, nearly complete, bare shell down to walls only buildings around just wish they would allow them to be finished a few more beds be it for residents or tourists and would all look a lot nicer.

        • I have just been looking and it seems most holiday companies use this line a lot Subject to local taxes, but without specifying what they are. I am will look at this more over the coming days as unless you know about it beforehand as you say you could be in for a shock.

  • The way these taxes are collected would make you wonder if they are legal. The problem is if they become acceptable. Every destination will star charging. Where do you draw a line between business travel and tourism. Should the world not be free to contemplate without the imposition of ever increasing taxes to let you visit.

    • A good point but this is nothing new Paris has had the city tax (their name for the tourist tax) since 1912. If everyone moved fairly around the globe then yes but sadly the reality is the Balearics are overpopulated in the summer and it is damaging the islands. In theory, the ecotax should offset this by investing in the sustainability of the islands. However, none of these ideas is ever perfect.

  • Check it out but if I remember correctly they tax the tax too by adding iva onto the bill at the end so its actually more expensive than that quoted when you come to pay. A double dunt.

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