Exodus is Coming to Ibiza

Exodus Ibiza Party Boat

Exodus Ibiza

For those who are regulars to Ibiza or are planning their first holiday there, cannot help but notice a huge buzz in the air with the introduction of the Exodus Party Boat.  Tweets and endless facebook posts are helping build the excitement of a completely new era of party boat.

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As has been seen in Ibiza over recent years, with the growing popularity of Ocean Beach Club, experiencing a little bit of luxury combined with a VIP experience at an affordable price is now becoming more mainstream and open to the masses of party goers on the island.

This year it takes another huge step forward focusing on style and luxury in the party boat scene. Gone are the days of standing on the top deck of a tourist catamaran dancing away to piped music with a few banners and flags tied to the boat to try to bring a little sparkle to the proceedings.

2015 sees the introduction of Exodus a dedicated purpose-built party boat designed from the ground up, with one aim – to bring the best boat parties to the island.  With over four floors, VIP beds and table service as well as a large open dance floor just inches from the DJ’s booth you can completely immerse yourself in the experience and do it in style.

Exodus Ibiza New Party Boat

Exodus Ibiza New Party Boat

The boat itself, from the pictures we have seen, looks incredible with top deck beds, a hot tub, mid and lower deck tables with  a lower deck room under the waterline with more beds as well as large dance floor there seems to be something for everyone and all budgets.

With a custom-built VOID sound system it seems no matter where you are on the boat the tunes will sound perfect and will keep the atmosphere high as it sails out into the Mediterranean Sea.

The boat also boasts a host of other amenities such as luxury toilets, 4 premium bars, a sushi restaurant and local fashion and merchandising shop.

There is also talk that the action will not just be confined to the boat itself with Exodus promising the island’s best aerial production at sea.  What this may entail we have no idea but it is sure to be unique and a spectacular addition to the party.

So with 400 party goers per trip expected to board it will the party boat to be at and to be seen at.

Inside Exodus Party Boat

Inside Exodus Party Boat

Sailing exclusively from San Antonio three times a week (Tuesday/Friday/Sunday) to enjoy the iconic sunset off the Ibizian coastline with the best DJs pumping out Tech and House tunes this is sure to be a new dawn in the era of boat parties in Ibiza.

If you are staying in Playa Den Bossa do not panic you won’t miss the boat – there will be stress free transfers to take you to and from San Antonio so you too can enjoy this new experience.

Early bird tickets are on sale now (currently at the time of writing £38) which ties in with the ethos of luxury and style at an affordable price, although I am sure for a VIP top deck bed and use of the hot tub a few more pounds will have to spent.

For more information visit their website at http://exodusibiza.com/

So will this new stylish, luxury driven boat party concept take off? We think so Ibiza its noting but resourceful and has reinvented itself many times over the years and with the popularity of the Ocean Beach format its the next logical step for boat parties.

Do you think this will bring a new era of party boat trips to Ibiza?

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