Exodus Super Yacht Ibiza Fails to Sail

Exodus Ibiza Party Boat

Exodus Ibiza

Exodus boat parties in Ibiza have been suspended it was announced today. The Super Yacht was due to hold sunset boat parties from San Antonio each Tuesday, Friday and Sunday evenings throughout the 2015 season.

Today the organisers behind Exodus made this announcement.

“Unfortunately island politics has prevailed, the owners have just received confirmation from the port authority that they will not allow the vessel to be boarded. What was perfectly fine last year – boarding in San Antonio and Playa Den Bossa is now not possible for no good reason apart from the political pressure from the other boats not wanting the competition from this boat.

We have no choice but to suspend all events and promotion going forward until this is resolved legally, we will not be taking anymore bookings and will refund customers in the mean time.

This is a huge blow for us on what would have been such a promising opening with the VIP already sold out for the next week.

The product and concept works, it has been very popular but we have been cut off by boats who don’t want competition at the last minute.

We have legal routes to take to overturn this and also other options to load the boat but these will take at least two weeks to be resolved.

In the meantime we have no choice but to stop promoting and selling.

For any refund enquiries please email: refunds@exodusibiza.com

There were rumblings late last week when the first scheduled sailing was cancelled after the boat was unable to dock in San Antonio and although it briefly docked in Ibiza town no passengers were taken aboard for the scheduled event on Friday.

The boat (Ibiza Boat Club) then spent the weekend moored at sea off Talamanca, missing the Sunday event and then moved yesterday to its current position off Figueretes.

As per the statement made by the organisers above we await to hear if they can resolve the situation which will allow what is due to be a new era in boat parties to go ahead.

We of course will post any news as we get it on our Twitter and Facebook.

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