Glitterbox Ibiza all that shimmers is gold

Glitterbox Ibiza all that shimmers is gold

Glitterbox Ibiza is all gold

Glitterbox Ibiza returned to the island this summer taking over the Sunday night slot at Hï Ibiza previously having held the Friday slot for many years.

This is feel good partying at its best and the diverse crowd really goes to town to show their appreciation.

Glitter and sequins are the order of the night from the young to the old it is all smiles and laughs all around us on approach to Hï Ibiza.

Entering you get a feeling that you are obliged to leave all of your troubles at the door and that tonight is all about having a good time.

Letting go of any stress or worries you have it’s time to embrace everything that’s great about music, not care about anything, just to enjoy yourself all wrapped up in a glittering shimmery blanket of warmth.

You cannot help but be in awe at the production levels at Hï Ibiza and there must be 50 plus glitter balls hanging from above giving the feel of a school disco on steroids although as Glitterbox say “This ain’t no disco”.

The venue is busy but you don’t feel packed in like sardines. The outfits and smiles radiate in every direction as the music takes hold of you and it feels like a the weight of the world is lifted from your shoulders as you embrace the atmosphere.

Glitterbox Ibiza all that shimmers is gold

Glitterbox Ibiza all that shimmers is gold

One of the questions we get asked the most for any event in Ibiza is what music do they play. As much as Glitterbox holds disco as its go-to the selection of tracks from the line up crossed many genres including disco, soul, funk and house all perfectly curated.

You can tell the DJs all have a passion for crowd pleasing at Glitterbox and the selection of music is all hands in the air get you moving sing-a-long type of tracks. It’s simply immersive and feel good fun.

On the roster for the opening were Masters At Work, Dimitri From Paris, Purple Disco Machine, Simon Dunmore, Melvo Baptiste, Melon Bomb, DJ Pippi and Barbara Tucker who did the most incredible live pa.

Barbara Tucker live at Glitterbox Ibiza

Barbara Tucker live at Glitterbox Ibiza

With scantily clad dancers bringing a little bit of sexy to their podiums looking around it is obvious that Glitterbox has hit the pleasure nerve in everyone.

No one judges your dance moves or what you look like or how old you are its just a venue full of people enjoying some great music leaving the day to day life at the door letting their hair down and embracing what’s good about life. And that is, quite simply enjoying it to the max.

We highly recommend Glitterbox for it feel good vibes and everyones welcome ethos

We highly recommend Glitterbox for it feel good vibes and everyone’s welcome ethos

We would highly recommend Glitterbox to everyone whether you are 18 or 80, its a feel good party where you cannot help but smile and lose yourself.

Glitterbox takes place every Sunday night at Hï Ibiza in Playa d’en Bossa until the 6th October and for more info on the weekly line ups and tickets click here.

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