A golden opportunity for San Antonio, Ibiza

A golden opportunity for San Antonio

A golden opportunity for San Antonio

Times are changing for the Ibiza clubbing world but could this offer up a golden opportunity for San Antonio’s two Super Clubs?

With Space closing its doors for the last time only a few weeks ago and the big news of the week that Pacha group has been sold off to a private equity company, the face of Ibiza clubbing is set to change forever.

Without doubt there will be big changes at both clubs Space will become “Ushuaia by Night” or similar – a more VIP, more stylish venue about offering a complete EDM theme park experience with outdoor clubbing at the Ushuaia Hotel and then continuing after party across the road.

Pacha may not change as a single club in its own right, but the name will no doubt become diluted the world over with venues opening on every continent and in every major city using the name,  meaning its unique appeal in Ibiza may lose its shine.

Added to this the problems at Amnesia  with its tax investigations and constant battles with the local council over opening times could there be a silver lining for the two underrated super clubs of San Antonio.

For many years the big name Dj’s and promoters of the world have shunned these clubs for reasons of money or simply the San Antonio name and its unwarranted reputation,  but with many nights likely not to have a home next year this could be Eden’s and Es Paradis’ chance to revive their fortunes and bring a more discerning clubber back to the town.

Could Es Paradis or Eden benefit from the club changes elsewhere in Ibiza

Could Es Paradis and Eden benefit from the club changes elsewhere in Ibiza

Even stepping away from the big names there are fantastic nights such as Elrow, La Troya, Glitterbox, Paris by Night, Flower Power who may not now fit the  visions of the new club owners.  Could these find a home in San Antonio?

The two clubs themselves have their own appeal, Es Paradis with its sheer beauty and unique style and Eden with its incredible sound system and could be poised to grab some well known big nights who may be clubless in 2017.

San Antonio’s reputation is changing.  Whether it’s the council’s endless crackdowns (on paper at least)  or by the sheer fact that it is an amazing town with so much to offer the average tourist and clubber alike, with a few big names or big club nights it could finally tip the balance and revive its public image – a win-win for everyone.

The dust of the 2016 season has yet to settle so who goes where for 2017 is still a long way off, but changes will be made which could prove to be a golden opportunity for San Antonio.  Only time will tell.

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