Ibiza 2021 is a Go

Ibiza 2021 is going to happen

Ibiza 2021 is going to happen

It has been like a cloud held over us all for the past weeks and months but with today’s announcements, Ibiza 2021 is a go.

As much as today’s announcement from the UK government was a blow with the whole of Spain being listed as an amber country under the international travel traffic light system it will be reviewed every few weeks and we are hopeful by late June Ibiza will be on the green list meaning there will be fewer restrictions when travelling to and from the White Isle.

This is fantastic for all those who love Ibiza and have been yearning to get back to the island we all so love and adore and from the 1st June Ibiza will be open and ready to welcome us all.

As with 2020, it may not be a completely normal summer on the white isle with news yet to come if the super clubs and the like can open although we are aware of ideas and concepts being discussed behind closed doors.

We shall all be here waiting with bated breathe to see how this summer will be for all of us on the island and those of us waiting to visit and what restrictions and added conditions will be required to travel. We will have a separate post on the specific details over the coming days.

Updates will be released as they are confirmed and yes they’re maybe a few hurdles to overcome but we are positive with this first news of the year about Ibiza holidays this summer.

The blue sea and white sandy beaches of Ibiza.

The blue sea and white sandy beaches of Ibiza.

It may not be the summer of huge club nights and day raves but a little more relaxed enjoying the beautiful beaches and scenery, the wonderful restaurants and bars, exploring or taking it easy but one thing is for sure.

Ibiza 2021 is a go and we shall be ready to welcome you back to the island you are all missing so much with all of us back under that Mediterranean sun enjoying life again.

So keep tuned to the blog over the coming weeks and months for news from Ibiza and for information when travelling from the UK to the island this summer.