Ibiza in October

Ibiza in October

Ibiza in October

Ibiza in October is a real chalk and cheese month from start to end and is regarded as the end of the summer season for the island.

It starts with the Super Clubs holding their grand finales, the closing parties where the great and the good have one last big day & night to end the season on a high.

The line ups are always as impressive as the clubs themselves and many travel to the island just for the music as they did back in early June for the opening parties.

After this first weekend of parties the island soon starts to slow down at a rapid rate, the seasonal workers filled with amazing memories pack their belongings and make their way home or off to other parts of the world for the winter.

Many of the bars, restaurants and hotels we all know and love start to close in quick succession with only the hardy few continuing to open across the winter.

And now, more people are departing from the airport than arriving and as the pace slows the locals and residents of Ibiza retake their island from the influx of tourists they have seen over the last 5 months.

The weather is still glorious and will you will find endless sunny days where the thermometer hits the low 20s easily, although after the sun goes down beneath the waves it can feel a little chilly. If you are unlucky you may get a rain shower or two but usually, the weather is glorious.

With the exodus underway, the island regains its relaxed laid back atmosphere.  Long lunches become the norm with many taking to the now quieter beaches and enjoying the true beauty of the island.

Everyone has time to sit and chat to take in the views and chat about the past season,  it’s a time to reflect and a time to really enjoy the island.

October in Ibiza is the perfect time to explore the island's true beauty

October in Ibiza is the perfect time to explore the island’s true beauty

Although the island is slowing down, there is still so much to see and do be from guided walks, paddle boarding excursions or a shopping spree at the hippy market its all just a little more well  – Ibizan.

There are always amazing accommodation offers available for those looking for a budget trip to explore the wonders of Ibiza, however with half term falling towards the end of the month picking your cheap flights can be a little more tricky.

For those taking advantage of October half term with children it is great the beaches are quiet, the sea is warm enough to paddle and to swim if you are a little braver. It is more relaxed and laid back with a little less to do but still enough to keep everyone occupied.

october in Ibiza starts with the closing parties ends with empty beaches

October in Ibiza starts with the closing parties and ends with empty beaches

October also see’s the last of the summer flights and by month’s end for those from the UK we are down to only one flight a day from London or a convoluted travel day via Palma or Barcelona.

So if you want long lazy warm days a chance to explore the island in relative peace and quiet or to have one last party blowout in Ibiza in October is the perfect time to visit.

As we said at the start it is a chalk and cheese kind of month but you will definitely enjoy the relaxed and chilled out vibe.

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